Accel World 6: No Pain, No Gain…or is it the other way around?

With Kuro-sempai still in the hospital, Haru challenges himself to reach level 2 by the time she’s released. With Taku’s help, the duo tag team until Haru levels up. Unfortunately, leveling up comes at a cost, 300 Burst Points to be exact. Reduced to 8 Burst Points, Haru is now in extreme danger of being forced out of Accel World. To make matters worse, Chiyuri is also upset at the two Burst Linkers for having kept this secret from her, and she seems to hold Kuro-sempai partly responsible as well. I’m still waiting for them to just go ahead and give her the program so she can see for herself.

Now that Haru’s seeking assistance, it seems we’ve met up with a yet un-named character from the group shot at the end of the OP. I’m curious as to how a Level 1 Burst Linker could help Haru get his points back, though I imagine it’s something along the lines of her never leveling up but gaining tons of experience. Being only Level 1, she’d seem unassuming, but the opponents get taken by surprise when she’s able to put a fight, or something like that. And of course, she’s obviously a harlot, I mean, look how callously she’s throwing around her direct link (because apparently direct linking is a naughty act and shouldn’t be done in public…)

As Haru prepares to regain his Burst Points, Kuro-sempai calls out Taku for a match in Accel World. Probably payback for stalking her, trying to remove her from Accel World, and almost eliminating Haru as well. Or maybe something more cunning, like showing him her power, a bit of flash to put him in his place. I’m still curious as what her true capabilities are, the skills that gained her the title of the black king must be fierce.

Accel World – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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