Gundam AGE 29-30: It’s a trap, right?

Why does seem like all my favorite characters from this series ends up dying or leaving? After repelling the Vagan attack, Flit and Romary have settled down and brought forth the 3rd Asuno prodigy, Kio (okay, I’m going to make this quick…was I the only one…who was certain…the 3rd generation character…was a girl?). Kio, who grew up without his father as Asemu mysteriously disappeared during his last mission, is quickly propelled into the pilot seat of the Gundam AGE-3 as Vagan opens its full scale invasion of Earth.

While splitting the cockpit and body of the Gundam is a clever way of concealing it, I’m not quite sure how I feel about the AGE-3.  While agile and quite powerful, it’s newest weaponry really isn’t new, just new versions of previous advances. I’m also a little upset to see Kio is an X-Rounder, which means Flit will probably make any operation dependent on his special abilities.

Speaking of Flit, he’s apparently still bitter and unnecessarily mean as ever. I really don’t like the way he treated the new Diva captain, she fell into the position and had no idea what was onboard the Diva. I don’t know, I just found it a very douche-like thing to do. I’m also displeased with how Gundam AGE seems to only touch every deep subject it encounters. The Vagan organized a large scale subterfuge in preparation for their attack on the Federation. Parts of the planet are now under alien control, that should garner a bit of time screen time to impress the direness of the situation. And it seems they’ve also just dropped the giant orbiting photon cannon that destroyed the Big Ring…if they ignore it, maybe it’ll just go away, right?

Gundam AGE – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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