Hyouka 1-3: I’m Sorry for the Delay, I Regret My Decision to Wait

Proof that I’m not perfect, I waited three weeks before picking up Hyouka, KyoAni’s newest piece of art, in more than one sense. Following the energy-efficient (or lazy, depends on how you look at it) of Oreki as he joins the Classic Literature club at his sister’s request. There he meets Eru Chitanda, beautiful-eyed girl with an inextinguishable curiosity.  The two, with Satoshi Fukube and Mayaka Ibara, keep the Classics club from being disbanded. But the club’s activities soon center around Oreki’s strange ability, through energy conservation, to discern the hidden meaning behind various situations.

With ease, he solves the mystery of the locked door, the strange returning book, and uncovers the secret of the Golden Web club. No strange occurrence seems to get past Oreki, though he’d wish Chitanda would just ignore them and stop bothering him with these trivialities causing him to expend more energy than he thinks is necessary. To be honest, they’re one talking dog short of a full-on mystery solving gang of groovy friends. And unlike Scooby Doo, everyone in Hyouka seems to neatly pair up, though I wish Chitanda all the luck in the world gettng Oreki to come around.

Going into episode 3, the larger plot of the series begins to set in. Though I was sure Eru was about to confess to Oreki, it turns out she’s plagued by a lost memory. Though Oreki doesn’t seem very interested in the work it’ll required to find out what shocked her so much as a child when her uncle told her about the Classics club. Luckily for Chitanda, club activities seem to coincide with recovering her memories, as they track down missing club anthologies, the second of which retells her uncle’s “epic”. For more information, they need to find the first anthology…which is missing? (How convenient /sarcasm)

I foresee Chitanda and Oreki getting closer, and Oreki getting attached to her, as they uncover her forgotten memory, together.  I’m not too worried about Fukube and Mayaka, they’ll start dating soon enough. That, or it’ll be a quick “we’re finally going out now” at the end, I imagine. What I was hearing was a visual treat, turned out to be more than just that. The story has me in its grips and I can’t wait to see where they go and how much work Oreki will do to help Chitanda recover her memory. He’s pretty stoic about it now, but I think after he’s gotten invested in it a bit, he’ll be desperate to uncover what she’s forgotten as well.

Hyouka – BeldenOtaku Photobucket


6 thoughts on “Hyouka 1-3: I’m Sorry for the Delay, I Regret My Decision to Wait

  1. even we still don’t the real genre for me if it’s super natural the better because it could be interesting to watch but if it’s not it’s still ok…

    what do think is a super natural or not??????

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