C³ OVA: Overcome Your Fears, or She’ll Curse You

Remember that show with cute girls that were actually cursed tools? And the male protagonist who could hold his own in a kitchen with a naked girl? That’s right, C³: CursedxCubedxCurious returns with a class trip OVA. Though the trip turns into a mystery after various creepy signs point towards a monster inhabiting the surrounding forest, the visuals and character nostalgia make this a very enjoyable break from the season’s regulars. The story ends with Fear rushing past her fears to save Haruaki from the clutches of…Kuroe and Sovereignty, at the request of Sekiabashi.

As stated, the visuals are just as enamoring as the original series, if not more so. With all the characters in their set roles, it was much easier for the story to just set into motion. Though I don’t think I remember Sovereignty and Shiraho being such a blatant yuri couple. I mean, it was certainly implied back in the original series’ run, but Shiraho stalking Sovereignty and having quite a time inhaling her pillow scents…I always saw her as more composed than that.

Why doesn’t this have a second season yet? I mean, the visuals are borderline perfect, and the story has all kinds of room to move forward. No real conclusion as to how to help cursed tools was ever reached, and then there’s the mysterious bad guys that never got identified at the end of the first season, or even mentioned in the OVA. Despite the sheer force of fanservice from the start of C³, which also permeated almost every scene in the OVA, that could run this show on awkward situations alone. Which reminds me, Haruaki is still my favorite male protagonist. He certainly isn’t shy about being surrounded by cute girls (not like they’re shy around him, either, if you know what I mean).

C³ – BeldenOtaku Photobucket


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