Acchi Kocchi 5: Quite Possibly the Cutest Way to Die

Now the leading cause of blood loss among anime viewers, Acchi Kocci continues its format of 1. Tsumiki does something impossibly cute 2. Io makes Tsumiki’s actions 10x cuter (and 100x more dangerous for Mayoi) and 3. the gang undergoes some competition. While repetitious episode patterns have been lackluster for some other series (*cough* Kill Me, Baby! *cough), Acchi Kocchi seems to make it work. Perhaps more than somewhat due to the fact that I’d watch Tsumiki simply sit there for 20 minutes just looking cute, fawning over Io. But the competitions are hilariously unique despite the familiar setups.

After a yearly physical, leaving some proud and others disappointed, Mayoi stays true to form, trying to pick at Tsumiki by revealing her physical results to Io. Soon though, they’ve made the predictable shift to a competition. This week, it’s ninja-class volleyball, losers brave the school store to pick up lunch for the winners. Despite his determination, Io’s team couldn’t pull off a win, and conceded defeat at the hands of Tsumiki’s cuteness!

Apart from the adorably ignorant Io, I’m also worried about Hime-chan. While already an anemic-risk, she doesn’t seem to have the endurance necessary to survive the competitiveness of her friends. I’d really hate to see her get hurt (inadvertently, of course). But at the same time, her awkwardness is certainly a rival of Tsumiki. So, for her own safety, can we tone down the extreme-ness of the competitions? I just wanna see Hime-chan have a good time (and not get hurt), she doesn’t have to win…but I guess I want the full range of cuteness Acchi Kocchi has to offer.

Note: because of certain…complications…Wordpress likes being a pain when it comes to photos. But thanks to AceRailgun, I’ll now just upload all screenshots of shows, including shots not used in posts, to Photobucket. I’ll include a link to see all pics at the end of each post.

Acchi Kocchi – BeldenOtaku’s Photobucket


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