Accel World 5: The Young Man’s Wings and the Black Lotus’s War

Takumu and Haruaki face-off in more than just a virtual battlefield. In a conflict for Chiyuri’s feelings, Taku harbors a jealousy towards Haru for seemingly hoarding her attention, even when he’s not there. Haru is also upset at knowing that everything he saw in Taku was a product of burst linking. Either way, Taku’s last burst points are riding on this fight with Haru, and even though Haru sprouted wings halfway through the fight and had victory well in grasp as the first linker in Accel World to spawn a winged avatar, Taku…takes the win? They didn’t really explain how they’d handle that. Hopefully they’ll pick it up quickly at the beginning of the next episode.

To make things more dramatic (because let’s face, it childhood friends duking it out gets boring) Kuro-sempai, after unveiling her avatar (which was very sleek and cool looking, in my opinion) declares an open war against the “farce of a truce” currently between the legions of Accel World. With Taku (I guess) on their side, I imagine their first attackers will be his former allies. I mean, surely he knows secrets about whoever he worked for, right? Therefore making him a valuable information source…and maybe Chiyuri will become a burst linker too. Not sure how I feel about it, but maybe it won’t be as lame as I fear it will be.

So, if all the other kings have armies of followers, does the same apply to Kuro-sempai? If she’s got an army to bear, I got a feeling that s***’s about to get real. And with the first flying duel avatar, surely the Black Lotus has an advantage, granted she doesn’t just blatantly fight everyone at the same time…that’d be, how do I put this?….stupid. And now that Haru is really starting to change, in both personality and power, is this a sign that the core events of Accel World are about to begin? Although there’s still some un-mentioned characters in the OP…




Oh yeah, and WHAT’S KURO-SEMPAI’S FIRST NAME????? Must…know…relatively…unimportant…information!


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