Post Aniblog Tourney Thoughts

Aniblog Tourney Match Page

In a stunning, yet not surprising, turn out, Animekritik handily defeated me in the first round of my Aniblog Tourney bid, 61.95% to my dismal (yet higher than my most optimistic estimates) 38.05%. What does this mean for NewAnimeThursday? Do I accept failure and quit blogging?…hardly. If anything, I’m more enthusiastic about being a better writer now that I’ve seen what others think of me and NAT. (Aside from being “that Tooru blog“) The general idea I picked up from comments on both NewAnimeThursday and the Aniblog Tourney match page was that my match with Animekritik was a contest of quality writing versus unique/creative content. I’m okay with this, I’d rather see quality writing win over creative content any day.

If you’ve been reading in the past week, I hope you’ve noticed a shift in post style. I’m trying to move away from episodic summaries and focus more on opinions and thought posting. I feel like I’m making strides, but would like some feedback. Maybe I’m not backing up my thoughts with examples, or maybe you just want more of what I’m doing and would like to see me step it up a few more notches.

With school coming to a close for the semester, unless the part time job I hope to find takes up too much time, I plan to be more active around the blogosphere (feal87, I need to reclaim my position in the Hall of Fame :3), as well as improve NewAnimeThursday. I’ve already begun the process with the episodic reviews, soon I’ll have a new editorial and I also want to make improvements to the speed draws and fan art too. Within the next week or two, you may notice layout changes (or an entire theme change) with the site as I’ll be re-evaluating design choices and finding what I think works best.

I’m also thankful that I was up against such a good sport, and would like to give my warmest congratulations to Animekritik, and wish him good luck in future matches. If we ever meet again in competition, maybe next time I’ll prove a tougher match-up :3

Don’t sell yourself short, in my opinion, writing beats out “creative content” everyday :3


12 thoughts on “Post Aniblog Tourney Thoughts

  1. I think you should take the criticism that you get from the tournament with a grain of salt. Some people don’t really think too much about their criticism and sometimes what works for them doesn’t work for you. So I’d say give it a bit of thought first. Maybe consult other opinions.

    • Oh, of course. Comments like “I don’t vote for [WP Blog theme]” are obviously garbage. But things like more thought, less summary are definitely worth taking in.

        • I honestly can’t think of anything worth mentioning. I typically enjoy reading your posts, and I also like how much you seem to interact with other bloggers outside of comment chains :3

          • Well, thanks for that…I’m not gonna derail your post with comments about my own blog ^^ Despite what you think of the tourney, I was pretty impressed with how you actually did. 78 votes is nothing to laugh at…they have to come from somewhere. Especially when faced with a blog with so much seniority. I’d also say that your opponent was heavily invested in the tournament based on the comments I’ve seen him make on other blog posts about the tournament, but that’s just my own speculation.

            • I saw so as well, and am extremely pleased at my loss. It’s one thing to never stand a chance, it’s an entirely different situation to pull off more than a third of the votes against a hardened vet. But it’s by no means the end of anything. If nothing else, it’s the beginning of the next stage in the life of NewAnimeThursday and BeldenOtaku :3 It’s shown that I have something, potential at the very least, and that, with a little work, maybe I can rival Animekritik someday.

              But let’s not forget that we do this for fun, so if it ever stops being fun, something has gone wrong and at such a time I’ll need to get back on track :3

            • fail misclick…you can delete the other one. I think that blog popularity changes in bursts, so it’s very possible that your blog a month from now could have been a worthy contender. I look forward to your next burst.

  2. Don’t take too seriously the critique from the other bloggers and do what you think is best for your blog. 🙂

    Looking forward to you reaching the top of the hall of fame! 😀

    • That feel when you need to be the very best, like no one ever was…
      To comment is my real test, to explain them is my cause.
      I will travel across the net, searching far and wide…
      Teach blogs to understand, the power that’s inside!!!!!! :3

  3. I’m glad you’ve taken your defeat in the tourney with a positive attitude ^_^ I know you’re a talented writer (your comments on my blog are quite good!) so I’m sure your blog can only improve from here. It always takes time for a blog to achieve popularity but a blogger can be as good as they want whenever they set their mind to it =)

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