Gundam AGE 28: A Bromance Crashes to Earth

Is this the end of a star-crossed bromance? Now that Romary has stolen away Asemu and their kid seems to be the 3rd generation (and arc) in the Gundam AGE saga, whatever’s in store for Earth and Vagan seems to have gotten a lot more interesting. Following a climatic battle above the Earth, Vagan forces have scattered and hidden themselves on the Earth’s surface. A year later, as Flit prepares to expose the Prime Minister of the Federation of his corruption, Vagan forces move to eliminate loose lips, as Asemu and Romary begin their lives together and Zeheart gets put on ice for the battle to come.

Gundam AGE continues to prove it’s not the in-depth series its counterparts were. Merely touching on a planet-wide scandal full of corruption of the international government’s most prominent officials, apparently the lackluster characters are much too important to even give Grudek his due for uncovering the whole scandal. I can’t help but feel like this was just a power grab for Flit to continue seeking his vengeance against Vagan. Even though he was a two-faced traitor, the Prime Minister had one thing right, Flit is absolutely blind to possible negotiations with the Vagan leaders, who seek reparations for the Federation abandoning them when the Mars Settlement project failed. Now it seems Asemu is being dragged down to his father’s level with his desire to fight the Vagan to “protect” the ones he loves, apparently abandoning Zeheart (I’m not allowing this bromance to die).

The next episode appears to showcase the newest Asuno pilot, biggest question on my mind is whether or not she’ll be an X-Rounder (I pray she won’t, I’d much rather see the “Super Pilots” win out over X-Rounders). With the battlefield on Earth’s surface raging, should I expect the Vagan resistance to spread, or will Vagan forces be put in a hard fight trying to occupy a planet? If my hunch is correct (and I hope it isn’t), Flit will have more control over the Earth sphere thanks to his “purge” of the Federation government following the Prime Minister’s arrest. Maybe not outright, but you have to remember, he already essentially controlled Federation forces beforehand. On the upside, there’s the new Gundam AGE-3 to look forward to.


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