Acchi Kocchi: Io, you clueless heartbreaker, you

In a stunning display of romantic cluelessness, Io manages to break the hearts of every last girl in school…as well as pull off a last second fake out, with the help of Sakaki, in a game of kick the can that will go down in history books as the greatest single game of kick the can of all time. Not to mention several other cute things that literally gave me a nosebleed this week (I’m usually exaggerating).

At least everyone else realizes Io is clueless, and that seems to be the running joke. But I’m still subscribing to the idea that, by the end of the series, he’ll have realized Tsumiki likes him, and act accordingly…and by “act according”, I probably mean keeping her as giddy as he already does. Seriously, if his cluelessness wasn’t the joke of the whole series, everyone would be certain that he already know-wait…

Wait if, and this is an extreme “what if”, Io knows all about Tsumiki’s affections for him, and he’s playing around for lulz? That…would make and him an extreme douche…so I’ll discard that theory. Acchi Kocchi maintains a freshness into episode 4, partly due to the variety of character influences. Though it continues to play off the same points, the series makes for entertaining episodes when coupled so well with seemingly ordinary activities like snow ball fights and kick the can. Also the introduction of the supplementary cast members offers varied situational comedy.

I’m not sure how I feel about the whole “let’s organize into different teams each episode” thing. It’s interesting for the value of character interaction, sure, but I’ll have to wait and see if it keeps pleasing or if it just becomes predictable. Whether or not you think any of it’s funny, Acchi Kocchi still keeps me happy with overwhelming moe cuteness… In summary, Io is a cold, cold heart-throb (apparently), and it’s a wonder Tsumiki doesn’t have competition; the supplementary cast offers plenty of comedic possibilities, if not simply for the fact that everyone likes to tease Tsumiki about her affections; and Hime-chan seems gravely misplaced among these eccentric, hyperactive knuckleheads.


2 thoughts on “Acchi Kocchi: Io, you clueless heartbreaker, you

    • Yeah, I think if she could hold her composure for a bit longer, he might start to actually notice.
      While it’s common for anime boys to be utterly clueless, it was still hilarious to hear that advice come straight from the clueless horse’s mouth :3

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