Accel World 4: Physical Full Burst and a Romantic Dilemma

They certainly aren’t being shy with the love interest in Accel World. It’s only episode 4 and Kuro-sempai, after her embarrassing little episode with Haru on the way to school, has already confessed her feelings for him. Just in time for her to get hit by a car. Using 99% of her burst points and a skill reserved for level 9 burst linkers, she saved Haru, but landed herself in the hospital in critical condition.

I’m curious as to how Haru will handle this once Kuro-sempai comes to. She even used acceleration to beat his high score, just to impress him, I certainly hope he doesn’t just act like she’s using him. Though, he might want to try to tone down the wet dreams a bit, especially if he can’t keep his mouth shut about them…

Now with Kuro-sempai’s burst points near zero, does she really have any clout for ulterior motives? I was suspicious that she had some ulterior motives, I mean, she was willing to disrupt the peace of the Accel World for her own ambitions. But the sincerity of her confession really has me confused as what how this will all end. That’s if Kuro-sempai can still accelerate when she gets out of the hospital.

Taku, using a back door into Chiyuri’s neural interface, has been attacking Kuro-sempai as the burst linker Cyan Pile. Most likely for the bounty, Cyan Pile now has a prime opportunity to take out the Black Lotus who threatened the peace of Accel World, but not if Haru has anything to do with it. But, I’m curious as what Haru’s motives are. Is he fighting to protect Kuro-sempai because he reciprocates her feelings for him, or is still on that servant train of thought, where his purpose was simple to serve as a means to her end? Certainly can’t say Accel World is short on character development.


2 thoughts on “Accel World 4: Physical Full Burst and a Romantic Dilemma

  1. At this point I’m thinking that Kuroyukihime has no other motives apart from the one mentioned…that’s good isn’t it? 😛

    • For certain people, perhaps. But I’m starting to feel like there’s more on the horizon, something deeper than currently revealed. Or perhaps some purpose she doesn’t yet realize, that will also involve Haru and his friends.

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