Obligatory Aniblog Tourney Post

Today, NewAnimeThursday goes up for vote in the Aniblog Tourney against AnimeKritik at Kritik der Animationskraft (kudos to being one of the few anime blogs who resisted the temptation to use a foreign name, and use Japanese :3). If you’re like me, you’re not going to spend too much time trying to make a decision, especially if you’re not already familiar with NAT. Certain people look for certain things, so I thought I’d help ease the process by laying it all out.

If you’re more interested about myself, BeldenOtaku, you can check out the About page. In short, the About page is about me…

If you’re looking for my writing to make a decision, I’ll point you towards BeldenOtaku’s Best: A Sampling of NewAnimeThursday’s Finest. A little post I put together composing various elements from the posts I regularly make. From episodics, to editorials, and speed draws.

And I also do fanart (being an art student, it comes with the territory). Here’s my DeviantART account, or you could hit up the NewAnimeFanart tab as well.

So, thanks for the consideration. Good luck to all my fellow bloggers.
Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


11 thoughts on “Obligatory Aniblog Tourney Post

  1. Seems like a tough match. Good luck, BeldenOtaku. I sometimes forget what a given blog deals in if I don’t visit them regularly, but you always stick out in my memory as ‘that Tohru page’ ;).

  2. As for the results, I abstained for my vote… but I still want to give some suggestions in improving your blog. (I couldn’t review every blog due to finals)

    The design is okay, but considering that you have a header image, having the title is redundant. As for the content, I see a few rough edges. I noticed that you start off the same way for some of the posts, which kind of gets repetitive. Try to write a sentence that will grab the readers attention. Also, don’t summarize. Look at mine, Draggle’s or even feal87 post and see how we do our episodic posts. I only use summary to back up my thoughts and pick a few moments that I want to talk about. Summarizing the whole episode is counterproductive since everyone would have read it. Also, don’t be pressured by having a post with 500 words every time. Just write what you have in mind.

    But yeah, this is what I have to say and I hope you find the suggestions pretty useful. If you can afford it, I suggest getting the custom design upgrade or move to shared hosting if you want to become creative with the overall design. It’s not too important, but readers like to see some uniqueness.

    • Yeah, can’t afford more than a free account at the moment. I’d love more control of the overall design (and I plan on re-evaluating theme and design choices), but I’m actually okay with the current theme. The contrast between text and background is very good for your eyes, and the simple layout keeps from being needlessly busy (one of the things I’ve hated about voting in Aniblog Tourney is having to just go against sites with impossibly busy front pages. With scrolling pictures, ads for various contents, and it all being generally unorganized makes it very difficult to find the “main attraction”.) With a header-tab system, it’s simple to find the prime material, and see what’s simply complementary.
      I’d love to get rid of that area at the top and give myself a more usable header size, but I’ve yet to find any way around this…for free.
      As for writing, I can definitely tell I’ve been sliding in quality, but it may just be a side effect from the busy schedule. If I read more, I’d probably more likely to…write…good…more :3
      With school ending soon, I plan to address this. As for the whole word limit or count thing, I don’t pay attention to the length of my posts. Never have. (Which raises the question why I don’t focus more on simply writing what I have to say.)

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