Gakkatsu: I’ve never seen such…interesting….debate

Back with the first 3 episodes of the Spring 2012 series, Gakkatsu. Gakkatsu centers around a homeroom class that uses its time to debate a particular topic for about 5 minutes (the length of an episode). So far, we’ve been treated to discussion over the bumpy thing on your wrist, why boys can’t use the restroom at school, and extraterrestrial lifeforms. Lead by their class president, Chiho Takachiho, the class participates in extremely random, yet enthusiastic debates.

Due to the 5 minute-format, it’d be hard to episodically blog about Gakkatsu, but I may bring it up every few episodes, and will do a final review at the end of the season. Though the format keeps it from really developing in any meaningful way, it’s still fun to watch this discussions play out, and the end is never as simple as it may seem (Chiho is determined to prove this so). The animation style is such that you’re more wrapped up in the dialogue and thought procession, more so than what’s actually going on. But it’s still a unique style, nonetheless.

I look forward to seeing what Chiho has in store for this homeroom, this center of epochal debate. I’m possibly more interested in seeing more of these solutions they keep coming up with, like a new word for the bump on your wrist, manly toilets for men, and being more understanding to our alien friends.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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