Accel World: 6 Kings, a Cute Sempai, and Haru’s Challenge

Back with the 3rd episode of the Spring 2012 series, Accel World. After Haru successfully puts away his first opponent, he and Kuroyukihime leave to set up for the next part of Haru’s story. But not before upsetting Chiyuri… Later, at a quiet cafe, Kuroyukihime tells Haru of the politics behind Accel World, and how she came to look for him to help her out.

In the Accelerated World, 6 players who had been playing from the start 7 years ago have achieved the legendary power of Level 9. These players, known as the 6 kings, each have dominion over a legion, and a specific area of the Accelerated World. Kuroyukihime, the Black Lotus, is one of these kings. Although rivals, the 6 kings have agreed to a truce, to protect the powers they each have, because the only way to reach level 10 is to defeat the other level 9 Burst Linkers. Kuroyukihime, determined to reach level 10 and meet the creator of the Accel World, betrayed the other kings, beheading one, and is now on the run from the remaining level 9 Burst Linkers. She has been in hiding ever since and now she’s even removed herself from the global net for her safety, only going online at school.

But recently, someone on the school’s network has been trying to attack her, and now she needs Haru’s help to identify the student. And her chief suspect…Chiyuri?! To see if this is true, Haru has to direct link with his childhood friend and search her files for the Accel World program. He gets in by saying he wants to apologize. While he sifts through files to find evidence of her secret activities, she tells him of how, seeing Haru with Kuroyukihime, made her feel like he didn’t need her anymore. She just wanted things to stay the same as they always been, just her, Haru, and Takumu being the three close friends like when they were kids. As Haru begins to understand how left behind Chiyuri feels, he finds a back door into her neural link…

Does this mean someone is using Chiyuri to sneak into the school network and attack Kuroyukihime? Or does Chiyuri have more to do with this than we think? Accel World’s plot progress is very impressive and I like how it isn’t wasting time or witholding information for very long. It’s also made a good balance of deeper plot movements with more light character development. As well as keeping a good mixture of real world and virtual world elements. I’m hoping Chiyuri and other characters get involved with Accel World soon, because it sounds like Haruaki is going to need all the help he can get to take on these level 9 Kings of the Accel World, so he and Kuroyukihime can see the creator of this accelerated world and the powers it bestows on its users.

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– BeldenOtaku


11 thoughts on “Accel World: 6 Kings, a Cute Sempai, and Haru’s Challenge

    • I suspect so as well, but we’ll have to wait and see…
      Really, he’s the only one I can imagine having close enough access to Chiyuri to install the back door.

  1. Shows is definitely losing the senien vibe it gave when I checked out the first few chapters of the novel, but still nonetheless entertaining to watch. Also, as stated, I believe has some involvement using Chiyu (stopped reading since I was about to get to that part ^^)

  2. I don’t know how I stand with both of these girls. On one hand it almost seems like Kuroyukihime is using Harayuki to beat the kings. On the other hand it looks like Chiyu has been keeping secrets from her childhood friends.

    • I know right?
      I feel like I trust Kuroyukihime more, because she’s been really open about her motives. I mean, she was honest, she just wants to reach level 10 and needs help…unless there’s something we don’t know.
      I don’t really like Chiyuri because she doesn’t like how Kuroyukihime seemed to have solved all of Haru’s problems, but I never really saw her put up much of a fight to help him…

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