Acchi Kocchi: I got nose blood all over my chocolate…

Back with the 2nd episode of my favorite series this Spring 2012 season, Acchi Kocchi. The gang takes a rainy day trip to Sakaki’s sister’s cake shop where he and Io work part-time, as well as has their share of fun on Valentine’s Day exchanging tokens of affection. Needless to say, but Tsumiki, for the 2nd week in a row, has vastly depleted my local blood bank’s supply.

As Tsumiki dons her neko-maid attire and dreams of Io’s handmade cakes, the gang gets to sample some of the shop’s confections. I agree with HIme, some of them were just too cute looking to eat…but I’d probably get over it (I have an insatiable sweet tooth). As the rain clears up, the gang leaves, with Tsumiki, Hime, and Mayoi preparing for Valentine’s day. Tsumiki needs to make the perfect treat for Io, Hime is looking to make sweets for all her friends, and Mayoi has something very sinister in mind.

With her usual grace, Tsumiki manages to land a near fatal blow to Io while trying to give him his gift. Luckily, Io is such a sweet guy and takes it in stride. At school, Sakaki brings one of his sister’s delectable cakes for everyone to share, but the holiday sentiment doesn’t stay for long, as now Mayoi moves to give the boys her Valentine’s surprise….chocolate-covered frog meat. (I’ll give you a moment to shudder at the thought……) After a few ill-confectionary threats from Sakaki, Hime shares her gift with her friends, but is flustered when Mayoi implies that maybe she’s trying to convey something more than friendship.

Acchi Kocchi needed more awkward sex appeal, apparently, so Mayoi unveils her plan to show Io just how much he should love Tsumiki. Using chocolate-flavored lipstick, Mayoi sends Tsumiki out towards Io, armed with innuendo. Io makes the gentlemanly move, saving Tsumiki from possibly sending him to the hospital (though I’m curious as to how Mayoi fared after the fact). And so ends yet another awkward Valentine’s day, as I’m still left wondering how Io doesn’t get it yet… Again, it’s a good thing he’s already so sweet to her, otherwise I’d be kinda mad.

Oh no, the pleasure was all mine...

Acchi Kocchi seems to have good comedy power, as well as a continued cute-factor going into the third episode. I have a feeling that, slowly, Io and Tsumiki are getting closer to moving past this whole “psuedo-romance” thing. Or am I just being a hopeless romantic again?

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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