Gundam AGE: Sleepless in Solon City

Back with episodes 24 through 26 of series Gundam AGE. Getting 3 episodes behind shows how much I care for Gundam AGE at this point….(/sarcasm), but, in all honesty. I’m getting more and more into it, but less so when Flit is involved. Asemu needs to stop trying to live in his dad’s shadow and realize X-Rounders are almost 100% douche bags. I mostly return each week to see Asemu and Zeheart’s interstellar guy love (in case you hadn’t noticed).

After pushing back a Vagan attack on the Big Ring and uncovering a conspiracy in Solon City to supply Vagan forces with precious materials from within the Federation, Asemu is still upset that he can’t compete with the X-Rounders like his father, Zeheart, and seemingly everyone in a Vagan suit. To clear his head, Asemu strolls around the city to have some stand-and-stare-at-stuff-and-think time…but Zeheart makes a heart-warming reunion. Or so I wish, Zeheart tries to force Asemu into leaving the battefield, so they can both “remain themselves”. When Romary joins the lover’s quarrel, it gets more heated as Asemu pulls the gun around onto Zeheart, who takes Romary’s distraction, mounts his suit, and makes a hasty exit.

Not willing to let his bromanitc counterpart get away so easily, Asemu joins the other Diva mobile suits in giving chase to the fleeing Vagan. Soon, even Flit has joined the battle when 4 more Vagan suits appear. Though Zeheart gets away, a valuable piece of hardware was recovered thanks to Flit (oww…owww…that hurt to say). Along with the unspecified advanced technology within the Vagan suit cockpit, our heroes come across a Vagan-built helmet that can amplifies one’s X-Rounder abilities using magnetic waves targeted at your X-Region. Asemu must has…so he takes it. And experiences for the first time the advantages of sorta seeing into the future. But as the battle ends, effects of the helmet begint to take their toll. Now the Federation prepares for another Vagan attack, this time on the colony Nortrum, in an attempt to procure a forward operating base in their future invasion of the Earth sphere.

With the Gundam AGE-2’s new “Double Bullet” modification, nameless Vagan soliders fall left and right. But Flit’s old rival, Desil is on the hunt for blood, as he throws away Vagan lives by taking control of their suits and using them in his fight against Asemu, trying to draw out Flit. Woolf sacrifices himself to save Asemu, which puts him in (an apparently anit-X-Rounder) rage mode, finishing the job Flit apparently couldn’t handle nearly 30 years ago. Coupled with the Federation’s new photon-emission beam and the Vagan’s strange shield thing that blocked the super powerful-looking photon beam, this is by no means a one-sided fight.

Now with both Grudek and Woolf dead, does this mean Flit is the only “respectable” adult from the first arc left? I’m suddenly losing hope for the Federation’s leadership. But the action is remaining intense, as well as the romance. Aside from Asemu and Zeheart, Obright and Arisa are about to tie the knot (which I thought was a sweet little side event), and I’m starting to think Desil and Flit were competing with Asemu and Zeheart for bromance air time…

I’m also pleased that a new AGE-wear isn’t immediately useless. The “Double Bullet” seems to have an enormous power output, with a bit more finess, Asemu could become the deadliest pilot on the battlefield. If I hadn’t heard “X-Rounders” first, I would’ve thought a name like “Super Pilot” would be beyond stupid…but, strangely, I’m all for this title. Super Pilot for the win!

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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