Accel World: It’s Like [C], but with more sense-making

Back with the first two episodes of the Spring 2012 series, Accel World. These were pre-aired a good time ago, but I decided to wait for full quality releases before going over them. Accel World picks up the story of Haruyuki (Haru) as he struggles with the stark, realsim of his everyday life, his only escape a video game that forces him to accelerate his thought processes even faster and faster. Until one day, Kuroyukihime, popular girl and student council vice president, offers him a strange application through the neural interfaces.

Using “Brain Burst”, Haru can accelerate his thought processes by a thousand-fold, allowing him to seemingly stop time to fully take in a situation and concoct a response. But this newfound power isn’t limitless, as Haru soon finds out. To keep accelerating, he has to charge his “Burst Points” by participating in one-on-one fighter game-style battles with other “Burst Linkers”. Though despondent at first, Haru uses his new avatar, the “Silver Crow”, and brains to defeat his first opponent…but his record still stands at 1-1 because the biker took an easy win the first time Haru entered the Accel World for a fight, inadvertently.

I can see that the Accelerated World has much more to offer, and Haru’s personal issues give him a lot of room to grow. Right now, he doesn’t even seem able to trust his friends. I kinda hope more main characters get involved in the Accel World, and I want to see Kuroyukihime’s avatar… One odd thing I noticed though, was how, even though Kuroyukihime said metal was a rare type, the OP seemed littered with metal type Burst Linkers…an explanation would be nice. Or at least a little recognition. Then there’s still the question of why she brought Haru to the Accel World in the first place. Is it some sort of conspiracy, or maybe that line of strong-looking Burst Linkers in the OP have something do with it.

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– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “Accel World: It’s Like [C], but with more sense-making

    • It’s pretty good and what sold me on the series. The fights seem very exciting and not just punch-punch-super punch-win in style. They’ll (seemingly) push Haru’s critical thinking and he’ll have to win by using brains over bronze (and probably sprinkle in some courage too).

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