Acchi Kocchi: Why does Tsumiki remind me of Konata Izumi?

Time to kick off the Spring 2012 season! And Acchi Kocchi is a great place to start. The first episode of this slice of life, romance series introduces us to the quirky cast of what seems to be the primary cause of blood stains on my carpet for the next few months. Starting with the adorable (and Konata Izumi reminiscent) Tsumiki Miniwa, certified tsundere, and her crush, Io Otohashi, kind to Tsumiki, but oblivious to her feelings toward him. These two love birds are joined by the air headed Hime Haruno, frequent to nose bleeds when Tsumiki goes nyan-mode with Io, the mechanical prankster Mayoi Katase, frequently lodged in walls for trying to embarrass Tsumiki in front of Io, and last, but certainly not least, Sakaki Inui, Io’s friend and also a prankster alongside Mayoi.

As mentioned, this first episode was mainly focused on the different attributes of the characters and establishing their placement within the show. I can’t shake the feeling that Tsumiki is a shyer version of Konata Izumi (Lucky Star). More than just her shortness and blue-ish hair, she’s very energetic on occasion and is a bit of a maniac. (Though the tsundere-ness is more reminiscent of Kagami Hiiragi.) Io is a lucky ba****, I really hope he wises up and sees how much Tsumiki likes him. But at least he’s already so nice to her, not like other male love interests who don’t get the hints and just douche around.

I like this series so far, it seems really fun and fast paced, with an equal share of sweet moments, coupled with Tsumiki’s unbelievable levels of cuteness. I’m curious to see if the series will follow Io slowly realizing Tsumiki’s feelings for him, or if it’ll just be a round-about story with fun characters and minimal development. I’m okay either way, but you can probably guess which I’d prefer.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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