Spring 2012 Preview

Back with a break in finals week to take a look at the coming Spring 2012 season. While somewhat sparse in pickings for me, I’ve found a few that pique my interest. Some I’ll follow, some I won’t. Some I was kinda on the fence about, but I’ve since seen some pre-airs, and, well…here’s what I got.

Accel World: Following the story of Haru, a short, somewhat round kid who frequently undergoes teasing and even bullying, has become so despondent of the real world that even his friends’ attempts at compassion are seen as attacks by Haru. His only respite is “accelerating”, or using his mind to push beyond his physical limitations, in the virtual world. One day, his whole world changes when an older student introduces him to the “Accel World”. Through amplifying the human brain processes by 1000x, users are able to, in essence, freeze time to analyze a situation and compile a more effective outcome.  But this power isn’t free, to continue “accelerating”, Haru needs to fight and win against other “Bursters” in one-on-one, fighting game style duels.
The plot points are pretty straight-forward, Haru, sick of his lot in life, has found escapism and a newfound power in the Accel World. There’s obviously some problem to be solved using him, or else the Vice President of the Student Council wouldn’t have taken such an interest in him.  As Haru becomes stronger in the Accel World, I foresee him possibly becoming depending of “accelerating” in the real world. The visuals (from the pre-air) are solid and very sleek. I appreciate how the neural-interfaces (apparently as wide spread in the year 2040 as cell phones are now) aren’t bulky or hold much presence other than to establish an imaginative disconnect between the story’s setting and our reality. I’ll have fun following this series through the season.
Accel World PV 

Natsuiro Kiseki: As four friends, in high school, start to grow apart, mysterious events, miracles even, begin to bring them back together. Originally, I wasn’t particularly excited about Natsuiro Kiseki (other than the general slice of life tag, which meant I would at least enjoy the laid back plot). But after watching the pre-air, I’m very eager to see what happens. How could you not? Flying girls propelled into the sky by their wish around a rock… So if this rock can really grant wishes, I’m very curious to see how that plays out.
Natsuiro Kiseki PV 

Acchi Kocchi: Awkward romances? Cute characters? Need I say more? Of course I’m following!
There’s really nothing more that I can add after reading feal87‘s take on the show…so…go read his. (It’s really convincing :3)
Acchi Kocchi PV 


Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A: I picked this one out of the bunch from Spring 2012 because of a certain seiyuu…take a wild guess.  (***cough***Aoi Yuki***cough***) But Shizuno is a freshman at Achiga Girls Academy and the main protagonist in Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A. She was originally part of Achiga’s Mahjong club alongside Nodoka and her friends during middle school, but they soon drifted apart after the club disbanded. Two years later, when she sees Nodoka on television, Achiga decides she wants to enter the Inter-Middle championships in order to see her and reforms Achiga’s mahjong club. Seems like a nice, somewhat driven story of two parted friends. Looks to be a nice series to follow.
Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A PV 

Folktales from Japan: I was really on the fence about whether or not to even bring this up, but after the pre-air, I think it’s worth mentioning. It’s an animated take on the children’s stories native to Japanese culture. I probably won’t periodically blog about it unless I find one of the stories particularly interesting. It seems worth your time if you’re curious, or if you need to entertain kids with some wholesome entertainment.

While I’m sure I’ll pick up a few more throughout the season, especially once it’s started and I’ve gotten impressions from others, this are the few I’ve already set on watching.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


7 thoughts on “Spring 2012 Preview

    • It’s pretty good, kinda slow at first, but if you can get attached to the girls and their struggles as one is about to leave, the ending will REALLY get you.

  1. Interested in Accel World indeed. It seems almost like C: The money of soul and possibility control. Some guy who’s fed up with his life wants (or in C’s case – does not want) a different perspective on the world. Storyline and animation is what got me.

    Btw. You’re not watching Sankarea. There’s something wrong with yo– I mean.

    • These are just the ones I’ve decided to follow for sure, there’s still slots left open for maybe 2 or 3 more :3
      I’m actually waiting to see what others think about shows like Sankarea, Hyouka, and Uppote!…

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  3. I have tried out Natsuiro Kiseki and got mixed feelings. The characters came out as pretty dull… But still, I think there is something and two more episodes should do.

    • Yeah, I can understand that. Slice of life is kinda my thing, so I probably enjoyed it more. But it’s definitely worth at least 2 more episodes (that scene with the girls flying…how are they supposed to follow that up?)

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