Kill Me, Baby: Final Review

Back with the 3rd review of finals week, the Winter 2012 comedy series, Kill Me, Baby! Going in, I was very excited. I had read the manga before, and loved it. Unfortunately, KMB turned in a case example that some things that work in manga, don’t work in anime. What was a funny, familiar setup in the manga, became repetitive and predictable in the televised series. The only breath of fresh air seemed to come from anyone other than Sonya or Yasuna…

Kill Me, Baby! centers around the daily school lives of child assassin, Sonya, and superhumanly tough girl, Yasuna.  Also occasionally joining the fun, highschool ninja girl, Agiri, and the jilted Unused Character. With bits ranging from word-play to physical comedy, the characters constantly bounce the joke around, usually only ending when Yasuna falls to Sonya’s wrath. As mentioned, the setup is what really hurt KMB. It can easily be boiled down to 1.) Yasuna gets excited about something (usually something she’s seen on TV) 2.) Yasuna tells Sonya about it 3.) Yasuna proposes activity related to her excitement 4.) Sonya refuses 5.) Yasuna begins anyway.  Sometimes seasonal, sometimes random, Yasuna and Sonya’s exploits were very humorous at first, but eventually stale and predictable. The only respite from the same-old same-old was when Agiri (my favoritest ninja of all time, now) got involved. And Unused Character’s few appearances were just that, few (I would’ve liked to see more, possibly even a more plot-driven approach to this under utilized girl).

In the end, Yasuna had to resort to shock value to get laughs...

Being a comedy, animation and visual quality aren’t very important, but I’ll note the character songs and the ED as being very catchy and appealing.  Final grade for Kill Me, Baby!:…. 8.0
Again, the comedy became repetitive and predictable, but Agiri shed a few lights of comedy gold here and there. Could make for a fun afternoon if I ever feel like re-watching.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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