Another: Final Review

Back with the 2nd final of the Winter 2012 season, the horror series, Another. Truth be told, this is honestly the first horror series I’ve ever genuinely watched. And while most definitely scared like 80% of the time, I did enjoy the ride and wasn’t just a senseless gore-fest like I had feared it would turn into. With a premise that became more mysterious with every episode, Another became one of my favorites of the season (despite the somewhat sleepless nights).


The story revolves around the strange phenomenon that results in the deaths of many students and the relatives of students in class 3 of Yomi North High School. After Kouichi moves to town, he finds a class held in the grip of a 20 year old curse, and sets out to find a solution with the strange, Misaki Mei. In an attempt to stave off the deaths, the class decides to treat a student as if they didn’t exist, each year, a student from Class 3 is ignored, in hopes the dead will return to death, and the rest will be spared. After not going over so well, with both Kouichi and Mei being treated as the dead students, the gang from Class 3 puts their heads together to try and stop the deaths halfway…

After following leads and a blood bath of a school trip, the curse was ended (at least for the year), with both Mei and Kouichi safe and sound (though, most likely mentally scarred). I was very pleased that the actual “dead one” totally caught me by surprise. No “it was an un-named student always in the background” or not actually a character from school, a character you would’ve never guessed (unless, I don’t know, you read the book or the manga) was the “dead one” the whole time.

With characters you’ll hate to see die, but love to see go bats*** crazy, Another has depth that’s hard to compete with. As well as a visual portfolio that rivals anything else this season, Another gets top scores from me. Rating:…. 9.1
Though horror is definitely not my thing, I’m really glad I gave Another a try. Though…not looking for any more horror any time soon. Let’s run down the things Another has made me scared of: umbrellas, slippery stairs, lightening, panes of glass, idle construction equipment, burning houses, crazy classmates, motor boats, falling rocks….

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


12 thoughts on “Another: Final Review

  1. That’s an interesting set of images for a horror show.

    While some of the deaths were a bit excessive, the story was a very nice mystery. I also really liked the ending, especially that mob psychology thing they did.

  2. I thought as a horror anime it didn’t really work all that well. The beach episode turned it into a classic Slice of Life anime and the episode with Misaki dancing and smiling and acting normal threw me off. I did though really like the end. That was something that just really finished it well. The last episode was just very powerful and had a lot of symbolism in it.

    • Agreed, it had some rather…non-horror…elements, but “horror” itself is subjective, what scares some, won’t scare others.
      I think the end is what really sells this series, it was so surprising yet well done.

      • Exactly. That last episode.. I was a bit scared that it would be, as you said, just a random person in the background, but rather it was someone we didn’t even see coming. Plus all the symbolism from the scene where Akazawa died. I was really impressed with the series. It finished strong.

        • Completely, and, like some say, it’s still open-ended for…another :3…season. Possibly following the next class, but it probably wouldn’t be very good.

          Seeing as we already now how to stop it halfway…

          • It left an epilogue though. That just shouts that the studio was at the least considering a sequel. A new class probably wouldn’t work unless it had a really good twist on it. Perhaps it’ll follow the original characters and other tragic events that would happen to them down the road. At that point this’ll just become a Final Destination movie. “Maybe.. We were supposed to survive all that just to be killed here!”

            • I really hope not. A good series knows when to stop. I think Another has reached that point.
              As much as we may want more, it won’t work out very well to keep squeezing this premise.

  3. Awww.. the super skinny comment-reply-thing ended.
    But yeah. If it continues it’d probably be rather stupid. Considering that the manga series has already ended the chances of a sequel to the anime is rather slim.

    • And it’s probably for the best. But that’s what I like about anime, they (usually) have an end, and if done correctly, leaves a lasting impression that you can carry with you.

      From Another: I’ll forever carry a fear of seemingly random everyday items.

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