Hey you,…yeah, you. With the Aniblog…

Back after a week off (to take care of a few things) with what’s probably going to be a simple editorial on the niceties of aniblogging social networking, as well as few other things. It’ll also give me the chance to post a few A Channel+smile gifs I’ve made :3 But, more importantly, if you’re not an aniblogger (or even if you are) you may not be aware of the interactions between bloggers on social networking sites, other than WordPress or personal comment blocks.

As mentioned, outside of blog commenting, a lot of brain-racking and idea discussion goes on via sites like Twitter. Why, just this week I had an interesting conversation with Marth (@marthaurion) about the weight and importance of an anime’s ending relative to the plot build-up. Among other things, I’ve had discussions ranging from how to use down time (@AceRailgun), sweets (@Kaminomimemo), and, of all things, durians (@wanabrarcom @draggle_kun.) Even if replies don’t start going back and forth, there’s always the fun of seeing what other people are thinking of new anime and manga (especially on days when particularly popular series premier new episodes…I’m referencing Another here).

As much as I like discussions, looking over my connections tab, it seems most of my interactions revolving around me asking for help (of which I’m very grateful to everyone who responds and has the patience to deal with me :3). Most recently, chikorita157 (@chikorita157) helped me to find a version of Handbrake (video converter) able to convert 10-bit videos (which most sub groups are switching to for HQ and HD subbed episodes). As well as questions about particular series (again, Marth and Rei), and general questions about how to approach a post or series as far as blogging is concerned. Though I’m extremely hesitant to bring Facebook (particularly my personal Facebook account) anywhere near NewAnimeThursday, Twitter seems to have provided a great medium for off-the-cuff discussion and community interaction within the anime blogosphere. The only additional comment I have is that I should stop making so many random tweets, looking back over my feed, I can only think of referring to my twitter account as “giving an idiot a bullhorn”. But my stats page says that a decent portion of NAT readers get it from Twitter, so I’m not sure if I should change anything…

Speaking of aniblogs, NewAnimeThursday, as well as around 150 other anime blogs, has been entered into the 2012 Aniblog Tourney. I’m not mentioning this to pander for votes, I’d only ask you to vote how you wish, but I merely felt like saying it. And also including my two cents about how I don’t think I’ll make it very far, but it’s an honor to be in a competition with some of the bigger/better/more popular aniblogs that I already read. I also look forward to finding new blogs to add to my sometimes overly lengthy Reader queue.

Oh yeah! And (in case you didn’t notice) A Channel+smile OVA came out this past week, so now I’m desperate as ever for a second season…but I guess this can hold me off for a month or so :3 Volume 3 of the manga was also released, looking to get that in a future purchase if my financial situation takes a turn for the better come summer.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku




14 thoughts on “Hey you,…yeah, you. With the Aniblog…

  1. Gifs. Gifs everywhere.

    I’m so glad I signed up for twitter when i did. There is a certain level of communication that goes on which cannot be achieve with just a blog.

    Good luck in the aniblog tourney.

  2. lol at the durian conversation

    yeah…I was always skeptical about twitter before, but ever since I started the blog, I feel like it’s a really nice way to have a conversation. Although I get annoyed at the ppl who make 3 tweets a minute (I don’t care that your dad is watching you or that you’re about to go to sleep), I feel like there’s a lot of really interesting stuff going on there.

  3. Twitter is the easiest place to link new posts and visit new posts. If I followed everything by email, my inbox would probably be too full every morning.

    The problem with twitter is people tweet too much, but there’s nothing wrong with that, it is meant to be that kind of social network. I can’t keep up with every post so I usually check out the links and twitter pics. Worst case scenario, I miss a new blog post, but randomly visiting the website is best to sort this out.

    • If you want to sift out the non-post related tweets, I highly recommend Google Reader. But that’s up to you, maybe you want everything in one place and there’s some benefit to that as well.
      Yeah, like I’ve been saying in the comments, I fear I tweet way too much…but I can tell by my stats that Twitter is gets a good bit of my views. So I can’t really say if less tweeting is the answer, or maybe I’m close to a balance of random tweets, discourse, and post sharing.

  4. Hey you. Yeah you. You know what you should do?
    Tell me where to find Subbed episodes of A-Channel+smile Q_Q.
    I’ve only been able to find raws (that are not watermarked).

  5. All of the most random conversations happen on Twitter. Probably^^

    But yosh, I’ve gotten pretty pumped up for the tourney! How ya feeling now that the brackets are out?

    • Indifferent really…there’s a lot of blogs I’ve never seen before.
      And I wasn’t too hopeful of my chances before, so it’s not like seeing who’s gonna beat me is a uplifting :3
      But it’s still exciting to see it all start to come together.

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