Gundam AGE: All is Fair, in Bromance and War

Back with the 23rd episode of Gundam AGE. After defending the Big Ring from a Vagan assault, Commander Asuno has boarded the Diva on its secret mission to scope out rumors of a treacherous colony. After the battle, recovered pieces of Vagan mobile suits showed they were produced using metals only made in Solon City, a foundry colony. The Diva sets out to investigate.

After reaching the colony, Captain Millais takes the role of investigator, keeping the foundry exec busy while Woolf snoops around for clues or evidence. It doesn’t take long before he stumbles upon Vagan suits in a hidden hangar, but he’s also soon discovered himself. As Woolf flees the foundry forces, Commander Asuno gives the order for mobile suits to launch and take control of the colony. Asemu objects, fearful of the civilian casualties if fighting were break out with mobile suits. Flit remains absolute and tells Asemu that the slightest hesitation could result in the worst possible. Asemu, unable to accept this, storms off, with Romary following him.

The Diva mobile suits arrive on the scene to cover Woolf and Millais as they make their escape. Even equipped with Triton parts, they can’t quite push back against three Vagan suits. Asemu is desparately needed, but, instead he’s wandering around…until Romary is able to bring him around and convince him that fighting the Vagan is the best option for preventing even more casualties…a sad fact of war. Asemu calls the Gundam AGE-2 out to the battlefield and is able to quickly take down the Vagan suits. Unfortunately, the foundry self-destructed, leaving Flit unable to collect any new information from it…

Continuing with increased plot quality, Asemu’s arc is starting to make ground, and make Flit’s arc worth sitting through so we could get to the good part. And it appears Asemu’s animosity towards his father is mutual, as Flit’s drive to destroy the Vagan for what they did to Yurin outweighs any patience he may have for his son. (Or maybe Flit is just upset that he wasn’t as cool as a kid as Asemu is, or that Asemu isn’t as much of a pinprick douche.) As Asemu’s skills improve, I could care less if he’s an X-Rounder or not, so long as he actually uses the mobile suit’s mobility and not as a glorified gun holder like his father.

With Techno Solon conspiring with Vagan to build using materials and resources within the Earth Sphere Federation, does this mean there are more home front combatants or sympathizers sneaking valuables to the enemy forces? It certainly wouldn’t be hard to sympathize with a group of people who were left for dead and abandoned on a harsh landscape. And, at the same time, the Vagan possess enough military force to threaten any colony leader into compliance. From the looks of things, ESF colonies are loosely controlled and Vagan has taken advantage of local rule. Will this mean a tightening of the ESF control over its colonies?

And now that Grudek is out of military prison, the truly unsung hero of the war with Vagan is free to rejoin the fight. Will Flit put him on the front lines with the Diva, or install him at the Big Ring? It’ll probably be secretive for ridiculous reasons (he’s a “war criminal”, he “stole” an ESF battle ship, etc.).

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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