Another: Please…Just Make it Stop…

Don't let the benign, cheerful class photo fool you...they're anxious about finals in two weeks.

Back (and I guess I can say I’m fully recovered) with the 10th and 11th episode of the Winter 2012, series, Another. In a preemptive strike on spoilers, I’m going to avoid letting out too many details and not even bothering with a synopsis. But I’ll say this…episodes 10 and 11..are going to be the sole cause of my nightmares…for the next 6 months.


Another takes even darker turns as it’s every man for himself in a race to find the student who doesn’t belong. Mei has a special trick up her sleeve (or rather, eye patch) to scope out the culprit, but the curse may take its toll before it can do it any good. I don’t think I can even get an accurate count to how many more students to subtract from the class now…I think each episode should end with a class tally (and maybe stats on most avoided brushes with death, most likely to die next, etc.). The character designers certainly knew how to create characters that seem perfectly normal and unassuming…until they get a murderous gleam in their eyes, that is.

With the curtain about to fall on the class trip, can Kouichi keep his a** safe long enough to one day tell the story? Will the students fall to the murderous curse? Will someone really have to bite the dust to save the others? Will my nightmares haunt me for the rest of my life? (Hopefully not…) Luckily, only one episode left…praying for a happy-ish ending (anything other than everyone dying is a happy ending).

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku

now, I need someone to hold me…


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