Senki Zesshou Sympogear: Massive Info Dump, Mankind’s Ageless Threat

What? Anime? Don't be ridiculous...

Back with the 11th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Senki Zesshou Symphogear. 2 episodes from the end, and Symphogear makes a potentially fatal mistake…inordinate amount of information dropped in a restrictive time limit. In a little under 10 minutes we’re informed of Fine’s true identity, the real purpose of the 2nd Division base under Lydian, and the master plan of our daring villianess. Now, individually or together at once, these things aren’t bad to know, but without any build-up or leading introduction, it certainly feels more forced and like I didn’t really know anything this whole time.

Lydian falls under assault from the Noise, at Fine’s (Ryoko’s) command. Miku stays diligent and makes sure all the students are evacuated to the bunkers before trying to escape herself. After joining Ogawa and starting down the main shaft of the base, they run into Fine, clad in her Symphogear, ready to bring her plan to fruition. But the 2nd Division isn’t to be taken lightly, as the Commander goes toe-to-toe with the former friend, nearly stopping her in her high-heeled tracks. But not before she can sneak in a cheap shot, and proceed to activate Kadingir, stealthy hidden as the 2nd Division base all along. The true purpose of the base from its inception was the collection of potential attuned and research using the phonic resonance generated by the students, along with the reconstruction of the ancient, god-reaching Tower of Babel.

Long ago, when all the world’s languages were split at the tower of Babel, Fine was merely a princess reaching out to loved god, who refused to come amongst the humans. From that day on, Fine lived as a buried consciousness, behind all the great paradigm shifts in history. 12 years ago, when Tsubasa first activated a relic, Fine’s consciousness was activated from deep within Ryoko’s genetics. Now, she’s returned to rebuild the tower, Kadingir, and eliminate “the confusion of the earth” by destroying the moon with Kadingir (a massive ion cannon). It all makes sense now (/sarcasm).

Whatever, so long as the girls use Symphogear to save the day, I guess I’m happy. But, that’s not the case, instead we’re treated to the courageous meanderings of Miku and the girls hiding underground… At least Chris has the chance to shine, when she launches herself in near orbit to take on the ion cannon, armed with her swan song…no, wait! DON’T DO IT!!!!!!

Chris launches her all out assalut swan song to counter the ion cannon blast, a fatal sacrifice that depletes a symphogear user’s life force in exchange for a massive power output. Her valor was not in vain, as the remaining ion blast only chips a portion of the moon, and she seems to be able to recover (please, let this be so!!). But now, Fine is left with a (I’d imagine) still function ion cannon that can easily bend the world at its knees. And we still don’t have much more solid information on the Noise, or how they play into this? Fine said the symphogear armors were merely toys for garnering government cooperation. What does that make the Noise? Expendable pawns in her power trip?

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– BeldenOtaku


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