Black★Rock Shooter: I Just Don’t Know Anymore

Back with the 7th and second to last episode of the Winter 2012 series, Black★Rock Shooter. Mato is locked within BRS as the battle rages with Yuu’s alternate, Strength. As the title suggests, I’m left confused as to the whole workings of Black Rock Shooter and the alternates, and their relations to Mato and the girls in the real world. BRS has put Black Gold Saw and Saya-sensei’s attempt to rescue Mato down, now it’s up to Yuu to bring some resolution to the crisis raging in Black Rock Shooter’s world.

Against a backdrop of jaw-dropping action and violence, Yuu drops her story and connection to “Strength”. How Strength carried the pain Yuu suffered through in real life, and how the alternates in the other world would fight instinctively and without feeling. Without concern for winning or losing, the alternates simply locked horns, fueled by the emotions of the girls in the real world. Until Black Rock Shooter appeared, that was when Yuu and Strength made a connection, for the first time, Strength could feel the pain she was shouldering. From there out, she no longer sought to fight, but merely to survive. If Black Rock Shooter were to kill Strength, who would then shoulder Yuu’s pain?

But Black Rock Shooter isn’t so cut and dry as Strength puts it. Mato seems to be able to accept and hold onto the pain of everyday life. Though she sees it as running away, it’s this quality of Mato that has made BRS so powerful. Black Rock Shooter, while still confusing to me, seems to be a key to reconciling the pain experienced by the girls and shouldered by the alternates. With only one episode remaining, I’m going to be very disappointed if this series doesn’t give me a somewhat logical (or at least heartfelt) explanation. I’d really like some definitives with the connection between Black Rock Shooter’s world and Mato’s, and what kind of power they hold over the two (if any).  I’d hate to simply chalk this one as a visual treat but not worth reading into, when the potential for excellent plot and character development is there.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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