Guilty Crown: Evolution and Natural Selection, Shu Will Defeat Them

Back (after a short break to recover from surgery) with the 2nd to last episode of the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 series, Guilty Crown.  It’s been a bumpy ride and I’m sad to see that a lot of the viewers have dropped Guilty Crown over the course of the series, and few have remained loyal to the king. I really hope the ending can win back some support for what was, unfortunately, labeled as a “new Code Geass”. Though, at the same time, I’m already promised to not spoil the ending…quite the conundrum.

So I’ll stick to the generals that I can safely talk about without spoiling too much. Gai has the world at the end of his sword, even though only one Leukocyte satellite is actually functioning, the power of the Void Genome still provides for a defense (and subsequently offense) that the U.N. can’t match. So it’s up to Shu’s fragmented Funeral Parlor to save the world and the future of humanity. With the ability to hold other’s voids within him and call them out as needed, Shu’s power of kings is the last hope to stop Gai and Mana from recreating the human race.

The action is unstoppable as Funeral Parlor makes its way through the Tokyo base. Shu’s persona as a savior is complete as he even stops to take in the cancer of wounded soldiers, which will plug into his final battle with Gai, and even stays epically obvious as he fights through the plot’s (what I call) boss battles before reaching Inori. The metaphors are fairly obvious, as Yuu sacrifices the lives of the people he uses for voids while Shu fights carefully to protect his friends’ lives. Their powers have become greatly developed, providing for intense fight scenes. Which brings me to animation; while the quality has slipped a bit, I’m not as critical as I would be if it weren’t for the level of difficulty in maintaining the quality given the varying shots, angles, and the maintained level of detail. At least they’re not pulling the same crap with the fight in the sealed off Tokyo where it wasn’t so much “animation” as it was just panned still shots of students appearing to fight a battle.

As Shu brings the fight to Gai, the finale is set for a timeless showdown between the two kings. Will Gai take Mana’s hand and recreate humanity? Or will Shu prevail and prevent the Apocalypse Virus from ravaging the face of the Earth as we know it? Both kings possess enormous strength from the Void Genome, but I’m suspicious Mana has few tricks of her own, although I don’t count Inori out yet. And Funeral Parlor still needs to reconcile the long-standing fight with the ever-persistant Daryl Yan and his new Endleave model.  It’s not too late to side with the one true king and take this next week to pick up where you left off in Guilty Crown, just in time for the final episode. Guilty Crown’s biggest issue has been it’s lackluster plot movement around the midway of the series, and the over stimulation after being labeled the “new Code Geass”. Guilty Crown needs to be measured on its own standards, and though it won’t appeal to everyone, it shouldn’t be counted out without a fair, objective review.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku, loyal follower of the One True King
(and yes, I’m doing this whole “One True King” thing partly because it bugs some people, but don’t take it personally, it’s the just the sort of thing I do for fun, and, again, I hope I don’t spoil too much)


4 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: Evolution and Natural Selection, Shu Will Defeat Them

  1. So it’s not really the fact that Guilty Crown copied Code Geass that bothers me. It’s the fact that most of the times where I think Guilty Crown is doing okay or doing well, it’s copying something from Code Geass. Objectively, I’d say that it’s doing well in the ending after a pretty strong first episode that kinda went downhill through the middle.

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