Gundam AGE: Bromance and Burning Vengeance Above the Big Ring

Oh really? Well, nevermind then.

Back with episodes 21 and 22 of the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 series, Gundam AGE.  The Diva arrives at the Big Ring, command central for Earth Federation Forces. Commanded by none other than the biggest douche in the solar system, Flit Asuno. Asemu still struggles with reaching the same level his father possesses, especially within X-Rounder potential (still hate that name, btw). So it’s no surprise he’s hit a stumbling block after seeing he’s received a D in the area of X-Rounder skill in an advanced training evaluation.

To pick him up out of his slump, Woolf takes Asemu to Madorna’s still-thriving workshop, where Asemu meets up with Madorna’s son, Rody. In addition to building mobile suits withs his dad, Rody has also discovered that he’ll never surpass his dad in his field of work. Each son has to do what they do best. Which is how Rody came to develop a very sophisticated training simulator. Complete with battle data from the Gundam AGE system. In simulation, Asemu sees, first-hand, the power of X-Rounders as he faces off against Zeheart’s red bromance suit and his father’s Gundam AGE-1. He doesn’t last very long, but seems to get back much needed drive.

All arms are put at battle stations as Vagan forces near the Big Ring in their attempt to reclaim the Earth. Though disadvantageous in numbers, the EFF stands strong against the assault of Vagan mobile suits. But few stand a chance against the Vagan X-Rounder corps, as they cut a swath of destruction through the Earth defensive lines. Through tactical skill, the Diva forces are able to contain the “Magical 8”.

But the battle reaches new levels of intensity as Desil and Zeheart fly to take on Asemu, but he’s not alone. With skill we never saw in his arc, Flit goes toe-to-toe with Desil in an all out X-Rounder fight to the death, while Zeheart and Asemu had a bromantic heart-to-heart. Asemu (instead of cherishing his time with Zeheart) sits in awe at the speed and power of the two mobile suits.  Soon, Desil’s unit is crippled and it becomes obvious to the Vagan command that this battle has turned tides, Zeheart calls all units to retreat and the Vagan warships activate their stealth mode to slip away from Federation forces.

In light of victory, Flit still criticizes Asemu for his lack of efficiency, which I imagine will mean more self-training for him. Alongside the battle, new love interest arises between two side characters (that I honestly don’t care about), but Asemu and Romary are also getting to share a few moments. I imagine filler with Romary envying how much stronger or how much Zeheart and Asemu have changed will be coming soon. With Vagon on the run, the Federation Forces now take the fight to them. But it probably won’t be as easy as it seems. After all, Earth is just now organizing it’s X-Rounder capabilities, while Vagan probably has more X-Rounder technology in store.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku

Author note: Tomorrow (13 March) I’m getting my four wisdom teeth removed. I’m most definitely going to be bed-ridden as I need heavier strength pain medication after the 6 or 7 nerve surgeries I’ve had. If I can hold my wits for long enough, I’ll try to watch and write up a review for a new post. If nothing gets posted for a few days, now you’ll know why.


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