Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Chris is now a confirmed Tsundere

Back with the 10th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Senki Zesshou Symphogear. As the action comes to head, Chris is now fighting alongside Hibiki and Tsubasa against the noise. But not before she does some soul searching and character development as Fine’s (or is really Ryoko’s?) work begins to crumble as she nears her goal. But more importantly, we can now definitively classify Chris-chan as a solid tsundere!!

After a quick raid on her lab, Fine goes on the run, leaving a bloodbath in her absence. Chris soon makes the scene, with the Commander right behind her. It’s there that he challenges Chris’s distrust of adults and their wishful thinking. It’s actually an adult’s responsibility to make those dreams come true, just like her parents tried to do when they helped refugees of a war that left her orphaned.

Back to Tokyo, where the 2nd Division is having trouble contacting Ryoko. Hibiki isn’t worried, but Tsubasa reveals that Ryoko has no recorded combat training, though Hibiki clearly remembers how she used some sort of superpower to protect her at the chemical plant. Whether or not she’s evil is in the air, but Ryoko has some explaining to do.

There isn’t much down time before giant aerial Noise are detected over the city. Tsubasa and Hibiki quickly move into action, as the huge Noise carriers converge on Tokyo Sky Tower. They seem to be at a disadvantage to aero-Noise, until Chris charges onto the scene! But it’s not like she wanted to help them or anything (oh, you tsundere queen, you). After building Ichii-bal’s power to critical capacity, Chris unleashes a barrage on the airborne enemies, blasting them out of the sky.

But the Noise attack on Tokyo Sky Tower was only the beginning, as Hibiki gets a disconnected phone call from Miku at the school under siege. With Chris on their team now, I’m not scared they won’t be able to save the day, but I’m concerned about the connection between Fine and Ryoko. This appears to be the main conflict of the series, Ryoko conspiring from within the 2nd Division.

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– BeldenOtaku


6 thoughts on “Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Chris is now a confirmed Tsundere

  1. Chris a confirmed tsundere? I am in love ^^

    Ryoko’s character is beginning to bug me a bit. It is hinting (if not confirmed by the commanders dialogue) that Ryoko is Fine, but I do not know…feels like something is missing or their is someone else pulling the strings. Well, hopefully the remaining three episodes (if this is 13 episodes long) will fill in the blanks to my satisfaction.

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