Guilty Crown: With Mana’s Love, the World Shall Change

Back with the 20th episode of the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 series, Guilty Crown. The king has returned! Now that Shu has regained the Void Genome, it’s up to the fragmented Funeral Parlor and friends to lead a last front on Gai and the GHQ. After defying Gai’s commands, he airs his message to the U.N., that on December 25th, their fates “will be decided by the world”.

Shibungi reveals the extent of Gai’s plan. This episode is mostly dedicated to the background of Shu’s father and Keido, as well as the beginning of the Apocalypse Virus and Lost Christmas.  As students in grad school, Kurosu Ouma befriends Keido after a paper gets published and the two begin work on genetic and evolution research. Kurosu later meets up with Saeko, the mother of Mana and Shu. A few years after Mana’s birth, a mysterious meteorite falls to earth, Mana is the first to make contact with it and becomes the “Eve” in what Yuu says is D’aat’s understanding of the situation. The Apocalypse Virus, according to D’aat, is the hand of God, acting on the Earth. Mana has been chosen as Eve, destined to reshape humanity, and she has chosen the, as of yet, unborn child of Saeko as her Adam, the soon-to-be Shu Ouma. Kurosu doesn’t accept this, while Keido works with Yuu and D’aat to remove Kurosu’s exclusive bloodline from the map of the new humanity.

Keido goes to work rearing new male mates for Mana, which also produces Gai, a drifter child recovered from smugglers. After escaping one fate, Gai found himself in the arms of another when he washed up on the shore and was discovered by Mana and Shu. Meanwhile, Kurosu fervently works to understand this virus, as his wife dies giving birth to Shu, whom Mana has chosen as her “Adam”. Kurosu unlocks the secret of the virus, and it’s connection between the vague idea of our hearts and our physical genetic material, even isolating a genetic sequence that can interrupt this process, the Void Genome.

Keido kills Kurosu in anger at seeing all the process he’s made, on the same day Mana is rejected by Shu, “Lost Christmas”. Now, many years later, Gai is planning to recreate the events of “Lost Christmas” on a global scale. After collecting all the genomic power Shu gathered in Tokyo inside the walls, and transferring Mana’s consciousness into Inori’s body, she’s nearly returned to her full power. At that time, the Apocalypse Virus will be unleashed upon the world, heralding a new humanity in her image.

Shu gets a final sendoff after an examination reveals the extend of his void. Shu’s void can hold the voids of others, and can even take in the cancerous Apocalypse Virus. After offering to return his friends voids so if he dies, they can live on, he’s sent on a final mission: take out Gai and Manna, and save the world. It’s the calm before the storm…VOID FIGHT! VOID FIGHT!!

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– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: With Mana’s Love, the World Shall Change

  1. Finally some answers. It is going to be good from now on(the show). The only thing is that they need to bring Hare back just like they bring Gai back -.-

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