Black★Rock Shooter: Yuu’s Protector, Black Gold Saw

 “There is no world as painful as this one.”


Back with the 6th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Black★Rock Shooter. After Mato crossed over into the other world, unleashing Black Rock Shooter’s true power, she now shudders at the horror of having killed Yomi’s alternate, the Dead Master. Now it’s up to the red girl to take on BRS in berzerker mode.

In the real world, Yuu takes Mato to Saya’s apartment after she doesn’t wake up and return from BRS’s world. Apparently, Yuu and Saya have been in league the whole time to protect the girls and save them from the grief they experience. Saya did this to Yomi by putting enormous mental stress on her until the Dead Master’s true power was awakened. All a part of a story Yuu and Saya-sensei share, ending in her promise to protect Yuu, with the power of her alternate, Black Gold Saw.

As Black Rock Shooter and Black Gold Saw duke it out, Saya tries to reach out to Mato, who struggles to accept the idea that only killing their alternates will free them from their grief in the real world. Clad with a new piece, BRS has BGS on the ropes until she’s taken to a place where BGS can gain a home field advantage. Spawning new fighters until she finally has BRS pinned, Saya, speaking to Mato through BGS, tries to bring her back to the real world. I’m quite honestly shocked to find out that Saya is technically a “good” guy, though I feel her methods will be proved futile eventually. And I’m even more surprised to find that Yuu is much more mysterious than the OVA would ever have me guess. I’m hesitant to make any predictions on what the remaining two episodes have in store, because, so far, I haven’t been correct (and I love it!).


Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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