Another: Another Unnecessary Nightmare

Back with the 9th episode of the Winter 2012 horror series, Another. After Naoka’s untimely demise last episode, the class is left in mourning and confusion. A long-standing tenant of the calamity has been seemingly disproven…until it’s revealed that Naoka’s fate may have been sealed before he left the city. Earlier that morning, his parents recall a loud crash, but he was out of the door before they could find anything. It’s very likely that he suffered from a contusion, and was dead before the boat entered the harbor…looks like the calamity can one-up the “skip town” rule. As we’ll see again by the end of the episode.

Now back in town, Kouichi sets out to find Matsunaga’s hidden clue to stopping the calamity. Somewhere in the school, so he sets out with Tashigawa and Mochizuki, and agrees to keep this search between the 3 of them (which lasts all of like, 3 minutes, until they tell the first people to ask what they’re doing at the school…). Mei also joins the trio in their exploration of the old class 3 room upstairs. After a few close calls (broken glass, falling lockers, y’know, the usual “Another” causes of death), Kouichi finds a hidden cassete tape in an old locker, a message from Matsunaga indicating it contains his secret for stopping the calamity.

They go to the A/V Room to play the tape, and possibly learn the secret to stopping the calamity. In the recording, Matsunaga recounts the events of the class trip to the local shrine. A run down monument, the class decides to clean it up and offer prayers, to which the teacher confidently declares that they are now safe. Almost not surprising, they’re not even off the mountain before a student is struck by lightening and another falls to her death.

Before Matsunaga’s tape retells how he stopped the calamity…A WILD TEACHER APPEARS!! So the gang takes cover until he goes away. Unfortunately, in his frantic attempt to hide, Teshigawa ruins the tape just before they hear what happened to stop the calamity halfway. Luckily, Mochizuki thinks it can be fixed. So we’re left still wondering how it can be stopped, and also why Kouichi keeps getting these nightmarish visions of his guiltiness regarding the tragedies of his friends and classmates.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku

"I hope they had insurance..."

…OHYEAH! That one girl I don’t really care about died after a rock hit the family car on their way out of town, apparently. And I feel like the heavy duty equipment crushing their house was just adding fiscal insult to injury…


2 thoughts on “Another: Another Unnecessary Nightmare

    Couldn’t help to laugh at that ^ ^”
    And well, I think the reason Kouichi keeps getting nightmares is ’cause he has witnessed most of those, or been somehow close when they happened. Also, he somehow feels like its his fault for talking to Mei (although no one really told him he shouldn’t).

    • This is true, it’s just scaring me to see all the dead, gory bodies moaning “It’s your fault…It’s your fault”. But, that’s is the purpose of a horror series, as Another is, after al…

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