Rinne no Lagrange: It Just Gets Weirder and Weirder

Back with the 9th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Rinne no Lagrange. Madoka, Lan (who keeps the “woof”!!), and Muginami continue their lives togethers in Kamogawa, as the Jersey Club prepares for the big school festival. Meanwhile, Villaguilio has his Kiss cronies set up at a small house, only to await further orders, and are not allowed anywhere near the Vox.

Not content to sit and wait, Izo, after watching part of a samurai movie, decides to find Madoka himself and take care of her. After all, Villaguilio didn’t say anything about taking out the Vox pilots. With a trusty knife in hand, he makes his way to Kamogawa. To try and stop him, the other two Kiss cronies quickly give chase and try to find Madoka before Izo. Though, upon arriving, each one gets distracted in their own way. Izo spends time re-enacting a ceremony he saw in the samurai movie, Kirius gets enthralled in the smell of the sea (even unknowingly meeting Madoka as she rescues a drowning boy), and Array gets stuck waiting tables for Madoka’s uncle when he can’t pay his bill with the credit card.

After hearing Madoka’s story from girls at her school, Izo decides to leave Kamogawa. Hearing how she was so despondent after her mother died trying to save another life, only to regain her life after seeing others so selflessly giving, and doning the jerseys and jersey spirit herself must’ve revealed a soft spot. Regardless, this episode shows the not-so-evilness of the Earth’s adversaries, in what’s to become the calm before the storm. Both Kiss and Le Garite forces are en route to reach the earth and a battle over the Vox is sure to rage. But with the Vox Aura still grounded, can the Jersey Club hold it’s own against Villaguilio and the Kiss Ovid pilots? And I’m also starting to doubt how good the intentions of the Le Garite leaders are…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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