Speed Draw #8: Tsukasa Hiiragi

Back with a new speed draw this week, Lucky Star’s resident cute girl, Tsukasa Hiiragi. Along with a new speed draw, I’ve also got a new deviantART account on deck. I honestly had no intention of making one, but it couldn’t hurt, so I took 5 minutes to set one up.

Thoughts on this week’s video: like some have already pointed out, the left leg seems a bit “off”, to that I’ll say this, it’s an odd pose and bending joints are tough, but I’d like to think I did pretty good for winging it. What I really liked about this one was the coloring, not bad for guessing each color from memory :3. One thing that continues to be an ever-present bother is the lining, and I think I’ve reached my limit on how well I can do it using a tablet that requires drawing in one place and looking in another. I’ve been looking at the Wacom Inkling as a potential solution to my lining problem. With this, I could just record the sketching process, print, use the Inkling to record the lining, export as a .tif image, and continue recording the coloring from there. But that’ll set me back $200 (at least), so it’s not something I can get at the moment, more like an idea to keep in mind if I ever had the cash flow to invest in new equipment.

Here’s the video, please subscribe on Youtube for more speed draws and feel free to leave comments here or on the video page if you liked it or just feel like telling me all the things I’ve done wrong.


In addition to a new speed draw, friends over at Anime Cel Art gave me a bit to talk about the tools of the trade. When it comes to creating animation cels, it takes more than a clear sheet and a few pens, there are also a few precautions you’ll want to take to prevent ruining clothes/skin. Starting off with the cel itself, so-called because they were originally made of celluloid, but are now made of a more durable acetate material which is more preferred in ACA’s case as cels are more of a collectible than a useable media. A special ink or tracing pen is used for lining as they won’t scratch the acetate surface. If you’ve ever drawn on paper, you’ll notice that mark making leaves a small indent on the surface of the paper; well, this won’t fly on acetate cels, hence the special pens and ink. For coloring, brushes with firmer tips are preferred for getting those clean, crisp color lines we’re so used to overlooking :3

In their words, “protect your pimp gear from cel paint stains that linger forever!” by wearing an apron and latex gloves. The gloves also do double duty by preventing naturally occurring oils on your skin from mixing with the cel paints and inks. Like any paint, cel paint tends to lose it’s moisture in open air, so a dropper filled with water is recommended for occasionally adding a few drops to keep the paint fresh. Try to repress memories of that annoying kid in middle school who used tracing paper and tried to pass it off as his own, because tracing paper is very useful for ACA’s work. The thin paper is ideal for copying from original still shots and transferring them onto a cel. It’s also recommended that you keep a rag nearby, accidents happen, and ink is a permanent medium…on everything (trust me).

Next time, we’ll be looking into the process of actually producing a piece of cel art from popular anime series! I’m definitely looking forward to this one :3 Follow Anime Cel Art on Facebook or Twitter to see what they’re working on or to buy a piece of anime memorabilia for yourself.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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