Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Coming Full Circle

Back with the 9th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Senki Zesshou Symphogear. This episode had more in the way of character development than in plot movement, but it still serves to show the characters growing closer together and stronger internally. Miku is officially a member of the 2nd division, so Hibiki suggests a date for herself, Miku, and Tsubasa to celebrate. (Proving that Hibiki is a loose woman and that Miku deserves better :3 jk, but that really made laugh considering the borderline yuri relationship between Hibiki and Miku).

After a day full of typical “date” activities, including karaoke (which would’ve had me more excited…if Symphogear wasn’t essentially built around singing), Tsubasa starts to see, for the first time, the everyday world she fights to protect with Hibiki. ¬†Tsubasa later gives MIku and Hibiki tickets to a concert she’s entered at the last minute as a make-up show for when she was hospitalized. The show is at the same arena that Kanade sung her swan song two years ago to save Hibiki, showing a full circle in character story.

Meanwhile, the commander makes progress winning over Chris. Though reluctant to accept his help at first, her growling stomach betrays her and he’s able to at least help her this little bit by getting her food. He also reveals that he knows exactly what happened to her as a child. Daughter of two musically talented parents, Chris was orphaned but later saved by a U.N. operation that relocated her to Japan. The Commander offered to take in the little, lonely girl, but she disappeared after arriving in Japan. A full investigation was launched, but any one who would know anything was either dead or missing, leaving the case cold and eventually closed. Chris’s distrust of adults spawns somewhere from this, but before she says anymore, she makes a quick escape after finishing the food by jumping out the window and activating her symphogear to run away.

On the night of the concert, Hibiki is already running late when she gets the call from the 2nd Division. She asks the commander to let her fight the Noise and let Tsubasa continue her concert, so it’s just Hibiki and her power punches up to protect the city. No, wait! Chris, the newly good girl Symphogear, is also there to help out (though she plays koi about it)! As Hibiki and Chris fight off Noise attacks, Tsubasa continues the concert for her adoring fans, and finishes off by saying how she’s recently remembered why she sings. She now wants to spread her music and sing her song to everyone around the world (which plays back to a conversation with a music producer trying to get Tsubasa to go international).

Chris is still confused about why she helps Hibiki and the 2nd division fight the noise, while Hibiki and Tsubasa are standing strong in their convictions to protect everyone and use their songs to help the ones they love. Miku is now an active supporter for Hibiki and her double-life, as well as a new friend to Tsubasa. Now all she needs is a Symphogear and I’ll be satisfied… With only 3 episodes left, I’m still concerned that, without a second season, Senki Zesshou Symphogear won’t end on a plot-strong note. If they attempt to pull out a plot and wrap it up, it’ll feel very rushed, in my opinion.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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