Kill Me, Baby: Please kill the setup…

Maybe puppets are the key to comedy...

Back with the 9th episode of the Winter 2012 comedy series, Kill Me, Baby! At this point, there’s no need in explaining how anything happens, it’s always “Yasuna gets excited over something, suggests her and Sonya do something in turn, Sonya refuses, Yasuna goads her into doing it…”. Occasionally Agiri gets involved, which is the high point for me.

I'll let them use their played-out setups to lure them into a fasle sense of mundaneness, then I'll surprise them and then they'll laugh their a**es off into submission!!

I’m not saying KMB isn’t funny anymore, I still get a few good laughs and I’m not going to stop watching, but it’s just not as funny as when it was new. And I believe this is because they’ve consistantly used the same (or at least very similar) setup for every joke. Occasionally, when Agiri or the Unused Character get involved, it’s gets really interesting, but those situations are few and far between, in my opinion.

Using this secret ninjutsu, you will unlock the secrets of hilarious comedy!

Can KMB bounce back and leave the series with a hilarious ending? Not if they don’t break the mold and get some new setups. It shouldn’t be hard, you’ve already got a trained assassin, a ninja who hocks cheap goods, and a disgruntled character…what do?
Not a very long post, just had a few thoughts to throw out there. What do you think? Should KMB keep with the setups? Try something new? Or is there no hope, has KMB’s comedy come and gone?

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


6 thoughts on “Kill Me, Baby: Please kill the setup…

  1. I do totally agree with you…
    Every episode is “built” the same way.
    At first i didn’t like aigiri but now she’s what makes the show funny.
    Still don’t think there will be any difference the last 3 episodes.

  2. I agree. The insular Yasuna/Sonya action/reaction cycle is all that the writers seem to bank on in every episode, so it has gotten tired quickly.

    It seems to me that the writers are slavishly staying true to the manga without making some important changes to KMB so that it works better on the screen.

    I think what KMB needs is more of a sit-com approach (vs. sketch/vignette approach) and utilize more external elements (larger setting, small story arcs) and a larger cast of characters to serve as foils in order to make more effective comedic use of Yasuna and Sonya.

    Agiri’s appearance shows the effectiveness of this kind of approach. Although she’s just one character, she’s an element outside of the cycle, an external comedic element which Yasuna and Sonya can play off of. Her appearance makes things more interesting and it’s a high point for me too.

    • There’s always something to be said for sticking to the manga, but in KMB’s case, they need to realize that what can continually work for a manga, won’t work for an anime because what seems like routine jokes in a manga is just repetitive in the anime.

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