Black★Rock Shooter: Who are Yuu?

Back with the 5th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Black★Rock Shooter. I’m more convinced than ever that the counselor is conspiring against Mato and the girls, she came this close to choking her, for crying out loud. Yomi’s about to go off the deep end, supposedly Koha-sempai already has, and Yuu knows more about Black Rock Shooter that I would’ve ever guessed.


Yomi’s alternate is locked in epic, mortal combat with Black Rock Shooter, while Mato and Yuu struggle to make sense of her strange behavior. Though seemingly cheerful, she scares the rest of the class and has to leave school when she starts cutting her hair with craft scissors in art class. Yuu also finds that the bracelet Yomi made to match Mato’s was woven using Yomi’s own hair, and Yomi’s mother stands in awe at the shambles that her room now lies in.

Yuu (who I think was suspicious that the counselor had something to do with Yomi’s breakdown) goes to see Saya-sensei. She finds out that Saya’s “advice” seems to have driven Yomi to her actions, and now she’s become aloof as Mato can’t seem to find any trace of her. Even other students seem to have forgotten about her and Mato’s own memories of Yuu have grown hazy. Mato goes searching for Yuu as Black Rock Shooter and Yomi’s alternate begin the final showdown, one-on-one.

Mato and Yuu meet up at sunset, for some reason, probably more intricate than I can conceive, Yuu’s shadow has been non-existent this episode. Yuu reveals that her statement about the girls in that other world weren’t mere speculation. She has intimate knowledge of that world, and it’s connection to Mato’s. From her understanding, only by dying in that world does one become removed from the grief in this one. Too see for herself, Yuu takes Mato to that world, through Black Rock Shooter’s own eyes as she pushes the blade through Yomi’s alternate…

Mato refuses to accept that this is how it works, and I agree. Mato has to be the one to hold up her friends, to relieve their grief. But I’ll admit that it’s nice to see they’re attempting to logically explain the connections and relevances between the two worlds. Supposedly Kagari and Koha-sempai only overcame their grief after dying in that world. I think it has more to do with Saya’s workings than Black Rock Shooter’s. Mato saw the bird in the storybook as Yomi, but I think Mato is the better analogy. Desperately trying to rewrite the story so Yomi can have a happy ending, Mato is taking on the fears and emotions of others, burdening herself along the way. But coupled with the strength of the Black Rock Shooter, I think Mato has a few surprises in store…

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6 thoughts on “Black★Rock Shooter: Who are Yuu?

    • possibly….something definitely needs to step up, currently only Yuu, Mato, and (I’m guessing) the counselor’s alternates are still alive in the other world.

  1. As much as it’s an instant and complete heal (see Kagari returning to ordinary life like it was nothing after presumably years of being psycho), dying in the other world seems to have its price. Kohata was freed from the pain of a failed relationship, but lost all memories of it (and the chance to have it work out in the end) in exchange. Kagari got over her issues with Yomi, but has become unable to actually understand her best friend for the last few episodes, only pushing Yomi deeper into despair with every word. And now Yomi attempted death was called “killing of her emotions towards Mato”, so we can guess Yomi will “cure” herself completely from any attachment to her new friend – becoming indifferent towards her and losing the opportunity for true friendship.

    With this, we can also see how the counselor can be shown as both supportive of and antagonistic towards our main characters. She comments this episode that “wounded hearts heal the fastest”, so she is probably a believer of the fast and easy method of helping people out through the other world battles, whatever the true price of such treatment might be. The true battle of this series might just be finding a different answer that will change the counselor’s mind.

    I was unsure for the first four episodes where this show is heading, but what we have here might actually be a nice tale about accepting painful experiences, learning from them and becoming stronger VS running away from problems and reseting the playing field whenever something goes wrong. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • In the end, BRS will probably be a lesson on how, though quick, simply detaching yourself from your emotions isn’t a long term solution and only leads to continued suffering.
      I think Mato will be the one who has the inner-strength possible to carry the grief of others, via Black Rock Shooter, on herself. Carrying the pain of others give her the strength to continue supporting them, meanwhile, the counselor is leading them into forgetting and leaving behind their pains, preventing them from growing or finding resolution.

  2. The shadow part is interesting. Yuu is probably dead in RL. You need to see the BRS preview for the next episode for some answers. I don’t really wanna spoil anyone.

    • That’d be an interesting twist: while Yomi and Kagari are dead on the other side, Yuu has died and is disappearing from the real world…
      I can’t really wrap my head around what it would mean, just makes me anxious for the next episode :3

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