Guilty Crown: All Hail, The King’s Power Has Returned!

Back with the 19th episode of the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 series, Guilty Crown. As if last the last few weeks’ episodes hadn’t left me anxious enough, I now live in fear of Guilty Crown ending (I love being right in the middle of a climax to a good series). Because of the sheer (for lack of more accurate term) awesomeness of this episode, I really don’t want to go over it and spoil it…but there are a few things I want to run down.

Shu finally takes the final step in manning up, and reveals the true power of his void as well. I never would’ve guessed the OP was so spoiler-ridden until now (if you’ve seen the 19th episode, rewatch the OP, pay close attention to the quick-flashing still shots toward the end). It’s also revealed (or at least begun to reveal) all the interweaving connections between Shu, his father, Haruka, and Keido. All the character points are starting to wind down and fall into place, as expected around the climax of the series, as well as loose ends beginning to tie up.

All that’s left is for the newly re-crowned king to take the fight to Gai, and stop the plans of the mysterious Daat. Although the GHQ has two Void Genomes on their side, along with whatever power Inori gives them, Shu now has a close-knit group of friends ready to back him up every step of the way (bonus! They don’t pass out when he draws their void, and he can draw at a distance apparently).



I hope I haven’t spoiled too much, and I urge anyone who dropped to please pick Guilty Crown back up! I’ll admit, the middle 10 or so are slow and full of facepalming, but the ending is shaping up to be totally worth it. In the words of Rei from, “What the hell. Guilty Crown is awesome again…” Yesh…yesh it is.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


5 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: All Hail, The King’s Power Has Returned!

  1. Haha. Nice. Thanks for the mentioned 😀
    I didn’t think it would turn out good again but oh well. It’s good. At least for the last part.
    What I like to see is more Daryl and Tsugumi screentime. And they have yet to explain the ‘monsters’, Gai, Mana and Inori… WTF are they…

    • True, but it’ll probably be info-dumped like the last battle. But we got a good bit of relative information on how the characters are connected (more so than I would’ve guessed).
      Is Daryl even still alive?
      And I imagine Shu is probably gonna have all his friends rallying around him for the final showdown against Gai and Keido (which means you can be sure Tsugumi’s dopple-ganger void will of most usefulness)

      • lol Daryl is still alive. Remember the last week’s episode where he was in a room hospitalized.

        Haha yes it will be interesting.

        • I would’ve thought of him as down for the count, but maybe he’ll recover and make an awesome appearance, possibly with Ayane, in an Endleave to help Shu (it’s not like he can side with the GHQ at this point)

          • Yup. He was freaking out and wanted to help Tsugumi last time so yeah. I sooooo ship those two. We need more Daryl and Tsugumi.

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