Gundam AGE: The Masked Mobile Suit Pilot Flies at the Speed of Bromance!!

Your voice says "No", but your shifting eyes says "Perhaps, maybe, but I'm not really sure about my feelings at the moment..."

Back with the 20th episode of the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 series, Gundam AGE. The rookies are getting the hang of active duty, Romary continues to play koi with her feelings for Asemu, and Zeheart is prepping for a Vagon operation to capture or destroy the AGE system. Also back on deck, Desil, the little ball of energy that handed Flit his a** on more than one occasion, awakens from cold sleep, upset that Zeheart now outranks him.

En route to the “Big Ring”, instead of taking the direct path, the Diva winds through an asteroid field to avoid enemy detection and ward off chances of an outright attack. Big surprise…Vagon ambushes the Diva. Without haste, Woolf and his rookies launch out in their mobile suits to fend off the attackers. But the real fight is between Asemu in the Gundam, and Zeheart in his new, specially-built mobile suit. Crafted to keep up with his superior X-Rounder abilities (still hate the name), it’s more than match for the Gundam. Zeheart’s prime target is the Gundam’s AGE system, and Asemu easily follows into Zeheart’s trap to get him alone (some bromantic alone time). It’s not long before Zeheart has the Gundam pinned and the AGE system within grasp. 

With this mask, Asemu will never know it is I, Zeheart, Bromance Fighter, piloting this mobile suit.

In a very hypocritical move, Zeheart lectures Asemu on why he’s too soft to fight, and then tells him to stay off the battlefield. Meanwhile, Zeheart takes a missing stab at the AGE unit on the Gundam’s torso….who’s soft now? Now that Zeheart has a mask to hide behind, I foresee him making more hypocritical moves accompanied with windy lectures. But the battle dynamics are stunning, a vast improvement over the glorified gun-holder style of Flit’s days. Zeheart and Asemu’s fight really showed off the mobile suits’, well, mobility. Not limited to point-and-shooting, Asemu makes great use of the limbed design to cut down his opponent, meanwhile Zeheart uses the nimbleness of his suit disarm his opponent with ease and without dropping his weapon. 
The next episode seems to focus on Asemu’s relationship with his father as the Diva arrives at the “Big Ring”. Hopefully he gets over this over-admiration of the used-to-be whiney douche. I’m also looking forward to more fast-paced, articulated mobile suit battles, and now that the AGE system is not only Earth’s only real weapon and Vagon’s prime target, the importance of the Gundam on the battlefield just shifted and should make for more interesting plot turns.
Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku 

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