Another: The Phenomenon Isn’t Playing Fair…

Back with the 8th episode of the Winter 2012 horror series, Another. Seeking answers, Kouichi and others from class 3 run down a lead. Apparently, 15 years ago, a classmate of  Reiko was able to stop the deaths halfway through during a class trip. Their investigation brings them to the beach resort where Matsunaga works. But, because he is currently away, they decide to enjoy the beach while they’re there. They are outside the city, and, therefore, outside the control of the phenomenon.

It’s not a complete series without an obligatory beach episode. From swimming to a fishing contest, the gang does all your typical, must-do summer things. Eventually, Matsunaga makes his way to join them and try to answer a few questions. Unfortunately, between him and Reiko, they can’t recollect anything more than it had something to do with an old shrine, and that he left a message somewhere in the school. As perhaps a few more answers were about to be gleaned, an ominously strong wind blows across the sandy beach.

Taking the beach ball with it, Nakao volunteers to swim out and retrieve the wayward beach toy. Scaring the group a few times after falling beneath crashing waves, he steadily makes his way to the ball. But something happens, he seems to have taken on more than he can handle and doesn’t resurface. Kouichi, Teshigawara, and Matsunaga rush out to rescue him. But a speeding boat makes quick, gruesome work of Nakao…and here I thought the phenomenon didn’t extend outside the city. We’re left with Matsunaga rambling about he protected them, and that’s there’s a message in the classroom, possibly containing information about how he did it.

I’m left wondering just how far-reaching is this phenomenon, and will they ever escape it’s clutches. It’s not looking good so far, but the class trip may be do-or-die, literally, for Class 3. Is there even going to be a non-existant student? Because I don’t see much of a difference from before or after Mei and Kouichi became non-existent. Another keeps the suspense palpable, and I’m anxious about what’ll happen next. So many questions, like “Who’s going to die?” and “How are they going to die?”, and I guess some questions about stopping the phenomenon, not dying, etc…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “Another: The Phenomenon Isn’t Playing Fair…

  1. “here I thought the phenomenon didn’t extend outside the city” << same here. actually I remember Chibiki saying that the curse is within Yomiyama only. so it is a wonder why did someone died even when they're out-of-town :/

    • hence the title “The Phenomenon Isn’t Playing Fair”….
      but it wouldn’t be a horror story if all sense of safety was crushed, I kinda expected someone to die anyway, even outside of town.

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