Rinne no Lagrange: Next episode’s title “Lan gets her ‘Woof!’ Back!”

Back with the 8th episode of the Winter 2012 mecha series, Rinne no Lagrange. Starting off with a fantastic aerial display, the girls’ fun gets cut short when news of the chairman’s arrival is broken. Though not a fan of travel himself, the chairman sends his granddaughter in his place to deal out the business. (Her yellow ensemble really complements the colorful outfits of the female cast)

Yesh, yesh it is, Lan.

Really not concerned with much about the base, her main objective was to investigate the strange occurrence with the Vox Aura when they engaged Villaguilio. It is later revealed to Madoka, and discussed by Asteria with Yoko, the legend of the Vox. 20,000 years ago, a more advanced civilization inhabited the Earth. Destruction faced the Earth when the Vox went uncontrolled. Lan and Muginami are descendants of the humans that left Earth for a galaxy far away. It was agreed by the newly created human nations in the stars, that Earth be left as a neutral planet to be inhabited by the humans remaining on the planet. The Vox were also sealed on Earth. But now, the political situation between these star-crossed nations has changed, and the Vox are needed once again. It is feared that the Vox will bring destruction again, and the Aura’s mysterious ability is Asteria’s proof for such, grounding the Aura until further notice.

Who would lie to something this cute??

Though Muginami and Lan argue this at first, Madoka is able to convince them that she’s okay with this, if it’s for their safety. I imagine that soon the powers of the other two Vox will also be revealed. But all of this is meaningless if Lan stops “Woof”ing…I mean it. Who is Asteria to tell her it’s a lie? Lan can “woof” any damn day and I’m more than okay with that! (Enough of the ranting…sorry) But what’s this? Asteria is in league with Villaguilio? I suspect foul play…

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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