Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Miku’s New Friend, Chris

She's too cute to be evil :3

Back with the 8th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Chris has been disowned by the only person she thought understood her, and is now on the run from hordes of Noise, as Hibiki and Miku have a falling out and their friendship is now on the line. But friendships intermingle as Miku happens upon a beaten down Chris in an ally one morning before school.

That's a very "good guy" thing to say, am I right? I think Chris would be an epic Symphogear fighter for the 2nd division.

She takes the unconscious girl to the Flower restaurant and gives first aid, sitting by her side until she comes to. Thankful, but uneasy at Miku’s kindness, Chris reveals that her whole life she’s been hurt and abused by adults, and now she’s been thrown out by the one person she thought cared for her.  Miku strikes up a friendship with Chris, who begins to blame herself for all the harm the Noise are causing after they start rampaging the city. Still weak, Chris is saved by the Commander from attacking Noise. Attempting to offer a hand of friendship, he carries her to safety. Chris, able to sing her song, activates Ichii-bal and goes on the attack with full force.

Who needs an Armed Gear? Hibiki will just jump-kick you in the face!

Hibiki soon makes it on the scene, to find Miku and the owner of the flower in danger from a Noise that seems to react to loud sounds. Silently using their phones to exchange messages, Miku leads the Noise away so Hibiki can move the woman to safety. After finishing her job, Hibiki races to save Miku. Along the way, she realizes that all this time she’s been trying to carry the responsibility of protecting people by herself. When, really, she has others to depend on as well. After dishing out some kick butt, Miku basically reiterates this, saying she was angry that Hibiki kept secrets, but that she was trying to carry the burden solo.

With their friendship restored, maybe Miku will have a more important role in the 2nd Division now. And I’m pretty sure Chris is essentially on their side now, not like she’s going back to the crazy exhibitionist who’s chasing her down with Noise attacks. I’m concerned that, with 5 episodes to go, the plot will be subject to an extreme wind-down. By that, I mean it will not have time to adequately build the climax, and then reach resolution, without having to essentially fast forward the story into a falling action sequence that’ll just leave me feeling disappointed. Unless the climax is less climatic than I feel like it should (in the details), Symphogear will need a second season to wrap up this story better.

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– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Miku’s New Friend, Chris

  1. Dah, Chris is just too adorable to be evil. Hope she comes around to be an ally soon. And is it just me or does the commander seem ridiculously strong? Wonder what his story is…

    • I know, he’s got some secrets and I wish they’d tel.
      Chris’s cuteness was too much for the evil ones, now it’s time to use that cuteness for justice and friendship! :3

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