Guilty Crown: Sir Gai

Back with episode 18 of the continually increasingly epic Fall 2011/Winter 2012 series, Guilty Crown. After Gai returns to take what was originally to be his, the students, expecting him to be their new savior, are quickly dealt with, as Gai uses three voids combined into a single void-missile to stop a UN bomber from annihilating them. And that was before the opening.

The episode shows the procession of GHQ forces across Tokyo and their dominance over the world as they unveil their array of over 200 Leukocyte satellites, used to destroy a marine flotilla en route to Japan. Sir Gai now has virtual control over the entire planet, and all he asks is for no one to interfere in Tokyo. Now Endleaves and Insects scour the ruins of the city, searching for Inori. As Inori tries to comfort Shu, his mother, in league with Keido, is remorse for what she let happen to him, but believes it was for his best interests that he no longer hold the king’s power. Meanwhile, Inori comes face-to-face with the monster within, the remnants of Mana that causes her to go killer on threats to her or Shu.

Accepting who she is, Inori heads out to face the GHQ Endleaves and Gai himself. Unleashing her inner-monster, she slices through enemy machines, but taken out by Gai armed with an archer-void. Now Gai has what he wants, but what does this mean for Shu? And what of the remnants of Funeral Parlor? I don’t imagine Ayase and Tsugumi are sitting idly by while Gai assumes military dictatorship of the world. Plus there’s the secret organization “Da’at” that Kuhouin’s grandfather spoke of, y’know, before she killed him. What’s Keido and GHQ’s connection to this?

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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