Black★Rock Shooter: Yomi’s Fall and Kona’s Amnesia

Back with a new series on the lineup, Black★Rock Shooter. After watching the OVA, I was very excited to see how the series sized up. After catching up to episode 3, I’m impressed that a lot of the visual quality was retained, after all, the top notch animation was the one of things I liked so much in the OVA. I’m also very pleased to see more of a noticeable relationship between Mato and Black Rock Shooter. To be honest, after watching the OVA, it still didn’t totally click with me that both were directly connected, interactions Mato experienced transferred over to the battles Black Rock Shooter fought. Though the ending still has me a little bit confuzzled, I’m hoping the series will continue to shed a more detailed light on the experiences and relationships Mato goes through and helps.

It’s a bit awkward to pick up a series essentially halfway through, but here I go. Starting with episode 4, we find Kagari joining Mato and Yomi’s class after her little fit-down last episode. It really starts to seem like an enemy becoming a friend to Mato, until it begins to take a toll on Yomi. For most of her time with Kagari, Yomi has been “needed” by someone, and now that Mato is busy with basketball and Kagari has made new friends at school and even joined the cooking club, she begins to descend into a depressive state, closing herself off from other people.

I’m not certain as to how or why, but I don’t trust Saya-sensei, she’s up to something. And now Yomi is going crazy at the thought of Kagari and Mato having other friends, as Black Rock Shooter finds her locking herself up in a mountain of chains, to be reformed as giant monster thing. A more massive version of the green skulls arms the new mass as they press an attack on the Black Rock Shooter.

And what was with Yuu’s equivalent throwing Kagari’s into that hole at the beginning of the episode? I think this means the focus is about to shift more into Yuu’s direction, especially after she sent Yomi that message that made her go hysterical. As well as Kona forgetting about confessing to her crush, was that just a traumatized girl repressing the memory, or did Saya-sensei have a hand in this?

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– BeldenOtaku


2 thoughts on “Black★Rock Shooter: Yomi’s Fall and Kona’s Amnesia

  1. “Kona forgetting about confessing to her crush, was that just a traumatized girl repressing the memory,”

    No, BRS killed her other-world self in episode 3, so Kona forgot what she cared about/troubled her. It’s the same with Kagari, who forgot about Yomi, or rather about why she cared about Yomi. That happened because BRS killed her other-self in episode 2.

    Can you imagine what will happen if BRS kills Dead Master next episode? Yeah, Yomi will forget about Mato!!!!!

    • That makes sense. But, it doesn’t sound like something the BRS would do. I always thought of her as a fighter for justice/friendship/etc., why would she kill others thus removing their memories of each other?
      I still think it’s Saya-sensei’s doing.

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