Gundam AGE: Daddy Issues and a Long-distance Bromance

Back with the 19th episode of the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 series, Gundam AGE. Asemu is officially enrolled in the Federation Forces, under his father’s command no less. Soon, he is aboard the Diva, along with Romary, and Dique’s daughter is also joining the new recruits as well. He is later shown the new Gundam suit, the Gundam AGE-2, by it’s chief mechanic, Dique. Pilot under the command of Woolf, Asemu begins his journey aboard the Diva, bound for Earth by way of the Big Ring (not entirely sure what that is, I mean, I get that it’s important, but I just don’t they’ve ever explained what “The Big Ring” actually is).

But the Diva doesn’t make it far before Vagon starts making trouble. Aware that the Gundam is most likely onboard, newly appointed Commander Zeheart sends 6 suits out to “poke” the battleship. Woolf is quick to respond, launching the Genoaces and his personal suit to face the incoming hostiles. Meanwhile, Asemu is stuck on the launch pad while the AGE system finalizes the Gundam’s optimizations. For their first taste of battle, the new recruits are quick to adapt and soon prove to be more than a match for the Vargon attackers.

But Asemu isn’t about to be left out of the fun, he soon has the Gundam AGE-2, in it’s high-mobility “Strider” form, en route to the battlefield. Easily making quick work of the Vagon suits, that is, until they take on the recruits as shields. Luckily, Woolf hasn’t lost a single step after all these years and swiftly rescues the captured suits. But now the 2 remaining Vagon suits are heading towards the Diva. Disobeying orders to move out of the line of fire, Asemu shifts back to Strider form and intercepts the suits, taking them out with a single blast of the Gundam’s new hyper DODS rifle.

Is it just me, or does the AGE-2 look a lot like the 00 Raiser from Gundam 00? Maybe it’s just the wings, but I also notice a sleeker design and sharper details than from earlier in the AGE series. Another pro to Asemu’s arc, I guess. In the character development aspect, this episode focused more on acquainting all the characters with each other, as well as bringing together old and new casts. Though I’m concerned as to why Asemu thinks so highly of his father. I mean, perfect? Hardly. And Woolf seems to have forgotten how wishy-washy he was as well. Another pet peeve, why does Zeheart feel the need to ask himself if Asemu is in everything he sees? A ship appears, “Is Asemu on that ship?” Mobile suits come out, “Is Asemu piloting it?” The Gundam comes out “Is Asemu in there?” (Okay, so thinking he was in the Gundam was very logical, but it just bothers me that he’s so obsessed with whether or not Asemu is involved. Maybe the ties of a bromance are stronger than he though :3 )

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku

Also new today, I’ve finally posted an About page after having written it and not published it for about two months.


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