Another: *Insert quirky death-related pun here*

Back with the 7th episode of the Winter 2012 horror series, Another. This episode doesn’t waste time claiming two more victims, as the teacher is slain in front of the students by his own hand.  Later investigation shows that he is also responsible for the death of his bedridden mother.  Now the whole class is on edge as it seems creating two non-existant students isn’t working. Which means it’s time to bring Kouichi and Mei into the huddle to try and save the class.

Becoming desperate, the teachers reach for whatever they can find in the history of Class 3, including a trip to a local shrine that seemed to have halted the deaths mid-year. So, with due diligence, the class is organized for a trip to the shrine on August 8th…the same date as the trip that supposedly stopped the deaths years ago. Meanwhile, Kouichi is getting closer to finding the “strange” picture of his mother’s class 15 years ago, when he’s not tormented by the idea that he might be the dead student (seeing as he was born to a student of Class 3 who died 15 years ago after returning to the city, and he didn’t return until he himself was able to join Class 3. Admittedly suspicious.)

The characters certainly aren’t static, now with Mei and Kouichi no longer non-existent, the class can make a more concerted effort to thwarting the curse. But the next episode seems to be asking for trouble, no class at risk of gruesome deaths should slack off and enjoy beach fun…though Mei could probably use a little sun herself.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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