Rinne no Lagrange: One Happy Family, but it needs more robots

Back with the 7th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Rinne no Lagrange. After facing off with Vilaguilio (hard name to spell), Muginami wakes up in the hospital, and begins to reminisce about her life with him. She met him on the penal planet after Lan’s planet deposed him, and together they helped each other until they one day escaped with Vilaguilio’s crew. It would seem he’s indebted to Muginami as much as she feels indebted to him, but Vilaguilio still tossed her aside, and Madoka is still raging.

As Lan tries to tell Madoka about how Vilaguilio wasn’t always the bad guy she makes him out to be, the duo find themselves busy fishing eels out of the pool. As she works, Madoka is reminded by the teacher of her Jersey Club spirit. Once finished, Madoka races to find Muginami and patch things over. Stroke of luck, she’s already in the club room. After taking a bath together, Muginami and Madoka finally reunite their family.  We find out later that Lan also wanted to take a bath with them, and as princess, she says it’s Le Garite law (or it is now) that families should bath together. Prompting a skinny-dipping session in the ocean…

Now that their family is complete (and what family isn’t complete without skinny-dipping?), Madoka, Lan, and Muginami start living their lives together, honest with each other. Not that this isn’t a nice sentiment, and it may sound petty…but I wants more robots. It’s kinda why I started watching. Plus, they didn’t really explain what happened last episode, and I’m convinced our squinty-eyed friend is keeping secrets. The next episode looks like it’ll continue with the non-robot focused story, but maybe it’ll surprise me and turn into a giant robot fight at the sea park. Not to mention Lan’s side of Vilaguilio’s story, his life before Le Garite deposed him and sent him to the penal world where he met Muginami, has yet to be told.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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