Senki Zesshou Symphogear: A Valkyrie’s Dilemma

Back with the 7th episode of the Winter 2012 series, Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Hibiki continues to sway Chris, armed with the Nehushtan symphogear, into talking things out, while Miku stands on the sidelines, finally knowing what Hibiki has been doing all this time. Upset at Hibiki’s attempts at diplomacy and how her current power isn’t enough to stand up to her, Chris disengages the Nehushtan armor, sending shards flying, and activates her own personal symphogear, Ichii-bal.

Sleeker design and more heavily armed, personally, I'd have used Ichii-bal from the start.

More tactical in nature, Hibiki has spent too much energy already to face Chris’s gear. Thankfully, Tsubasa joins the fight. Though not at full strength either, she holds off Chris, until Noise appear and start attacking…Chris? Finé, the mastermind of what I’m guessing to be the 2nd Division’s main opposition, appears to reclaim the Nehushtan armor and leave Chris out to dry. Chris gives chases to Finé, while Hibiki and Tsubasa return to headquarters.

Now that Miku knows about Hibiki’s secret, she’s very angry that she had been keeping this from her. She fells betrayed and eventually breaks down to tears after trying to give Hibiki the silent treatment. Hibiki wishes she’d never gained these powers for what they’re doing to their friendship. But Ryoku talks about how Hibiki is the only key to something very powerful and important regarding the symphogears. She also explains that it’s through phonetic tuning that the armors are able to fight the Noise, making them come under the laws of the nature of this world (it’s very complicated sounding, and I hope they delve more into this later).

Conflicts are rising, both for the 2nd Division and in Hibiki’s personal life as well. Just as she decides she doesn’t want the relic’s power, we’re told just how important it is. While the fights are staying fairly low key, I appreciate how character aspects are put into practice in the battles as well as the dialogue. Tsubasa no longer sees herself as a solitary sword, and that’s reflected in her new fighting style. One re-occurring problem that I feel needs to be addressed soon is the history regarding Tsubasa and whatever happened two years ago. We can glean that it involved the concert, the 2nd relic, and Chris who now uses it, but there’s still a lot left to be explained.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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