Guilty Crown: A Void! A Void! My Kingdom for a Void?!

Back with a more grave demeanor than usual after watching the 17th episode of the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 series…Guilty Crown. The Exodus has finally arrived, but not without trials and tribulations. Inori’s strange actions have put Kouhin at odds with Shu’s regime, as she works her way into obtaining sensitive information about the operation and the void power within the student body.  Unrest has developed among the students, but Shu remains adamant about a strict discipline, convinced it’s for their own good and it’ll lead to their freedom. The U.N. has amassed it’s members to bring a resolution to bear against Japan, meanwhile Keido and the GHQ are amassing their forces to put a plan into fruition as well.

Through illicit actions, Kuhouhin acquires the data she needs from a secret service member and spreads her coup d’etat throughout the student body.  As the day of Exodus arrives, students fall in rank for their operational advance on Tokyo Tower, the control center for the Ghost units guarding the wall and enforcing the red line.  Through an amazing display of sheer force of will and desire for freedom, the students, armed with their voids, fight Endleaves and Insects with Shu leading the way. Making a path toward the tower itself, Shu draws a well-placed void to make his way onto the looming structure, through Endleave fire and with stunning force, Shu quickly uses the void to send an electric shock through the tower’s core to blow away the Ghost system, and topple the tower as well.

Standing proud in victory, the students make their way across the red line, and onto freedom. But what was supposed to be a joyful occassion, turns dark as Kuhouhin’s coup d’etat reveals itself and the secret service turns on Shu. Even his once-friend Souta (Douche of the Year Award, right there) turns on him. But before Kuhouin could give the signal, GHQ makes their own move. Bring a lost face back from the grave, Gai emerges on the scene, much to Kuhouin’s pleasure. Was this a cooperative plan? Regardless, Gai forces Inori’s void out to pin her down and out of the way as he removes Shu’s right and his Power of Kings as well, taking it for himself….

What just happened?! For once I can’t even think straight, so many emotions running through my head right now. I want to see Gai die in a pool of his own blood after the traitors were slaughtered, but at the same time, this is Gai we’re talking about, and he just sides with the GHQ?! There’s so much we don’t know about right now that it’s maddening.  What will happen to Shu now that he’s lost his power of kings? Is there a way to reclaim it (hopefully getting his hand back as well)? I don’t see Kuhouin’s control of the rebels lasting long, as she’s really opted for the same tactics that Shu defeated in the first place when he took control of the school…

Shu’s kingdom…is gone.
Gai…has the power of kings and is aligned with the GHQ.
The U.N…has decided to eliminate Japan.
Keido…will soon move to control the world?

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


3 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: A Void! A Void! My Kingdom for a Void?!

  1. I feel bad for Shu, all he ever wanted was to make sure no one else would die and help everyone get across the red line.
    However, losing his arm may not be a bad thing, at least it shows that the new Gai doesn’t want to kill him. I sense a spectacular comeback from Shu with his friends in the last few episodes.

    • Maybe Gai just wants him to suffer, but I can’t really get my head around it because I’m still shocked to see Gai in league with Keido.
      I feel so angry at the students for betraying Shu, it’d be one thing if he wasn’t getting results, but he DID just get them past the line, the ingrates.
      I’m sure Shu’s true friends will band together in the end, but without the power of kings, I’m not sure what’ll go down.

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