Gundam AGE: Youth is Bromance and Mobile Suits

Back with episodes 17 and 18 of the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 series, Gundam AGE. I’m liking Asemu’s arc so far, much better than Flit’s.  As he and Zeheart grow closer while spending time with friends and Romary in the mobile suit club, the group nears their graduation.  Even though, unbeknownst to Asemu, Zeheart is a Vagon spy whose mission is to capture the Gundam hidden in the colony.

After months of undercover work and several Vagon attacks, graduation day has arrived, and Asemu, along with Romary and Zeheart celebrate. Until MPs arrive to arrest Zeheart under suspicions of being a spy. Zeheart’s accomplice takes Romary hostage as he makes a spotlit escape, also allowing Zeheart to slip away once the MPs give chase. After taking Romary to the nurse’s office, Asemu gets the call from home that Vagon is attacking and making a run from MPs and their mobile suits. So Asemu gears up the Gundam for a fateful encounter.

After reaching the enemy suits, despite fighting an X-rounder, Asemu manages to hold his own as Zeheart’s unit can’t seem to keep up with the Gundam’s speed. But Zeheart doesn’t waste time and soon has Asemu pinned. It’s now that he disembarks his suit to show Asemu who he is fighting, Romary is also nearby to see the duo break a year long bromance, just before Zeheart flees the colony with his accomplice.

I can see where this is going and I couldn’t be more excited. Gundam AGE finally puts up some real plot points and character development. The chivalrous friend, Asemu, has to take on his friend, the quiet, cool (and, I’m sure, secretly friend-loving) Zeheart. Unlike his father’s cheesy declarations, I’m moved by Asemu’s loyalty to his friends. Hopefully, this will mean a great story for the first time in this series. Over the horizon, an old ally seems to also be closing in, I hope it doesn’t turn into a reminiscent episode.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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