Another: Just Dance! Dance like everyone has agreed to ignore you!

Back with the 6th episode of the Winter 2012 horror series, Another. Kouichi joins Mei in the class’s ignorance, and also seems to be finally getting some explanations for once. Mei was originally designated as the non-existent student, and agreed for the sake of the class to accept their ignorance. But when Kouichi arrived, he had already talked to Mei, which made explaining the situation very serious. The class’s logical conclusion was to keep the charm in effect and just ignore him too.

Regardless of its lack of sense-making, the librarian, a former class 3 homeroom teacher, informs Kouichi that it’s the only thing that seems to work. This charm, ignoring a student as if they didn’t exist, has about a 50% success rate. Kouichi daydreams about the antics he and Mei could get into while the class “ignored” them, unfortunately, it’s just that, a daydream (aww…I was so happy to see Mei so happy). But they blissfully spend their days on the outskirts of their classmates lives. Later, after re-visiting Mei’s drawing back when Kouichi had just met her, we see that not everyone is in on the charm’s inner-workings. The junior students in the art welcome Mei warmly, until Mochizuki arrives and takes the younger students out of the classroom, most likely to inform them that Mei and Kouichi are to be ignored.

Kouichi also learns that his mother died after returning to Yomiyama to give birth. She was in the original class in 1972 where a young man and his entire family died in a house fire, but he reappeared in the class photo and on all the class records. One of the rules concerning the curse is that it only takes effect inside Yomiyama. That and he was born during a year of deaths, of which she is considered one of them. There are still some questions left standing, like what exactly is going on with the dying, and there’s rumor of a way to stop the killing halfway through. Not to mention the teacher going bats*** crazy and pulling a knife on the class. Just how far how these guys willing to go cease the killing? Because going ahead and killing students seems…counterproductive.

Until next time,
– BeldenOtaku


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